Multiple Reincarnated Individuals

55 Series 2 Comments 5161 Views 21 Follows Oct 10, 2023 Cixivy
The first list already full so makes this one. Just see the tags. There still some novel in my bookmarks chrome that yet i move here. Will be updated slowly..... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 2903 Views 25 Follows Sep 13, 2023 Nansands
The holy Trinity is here!! 
2 Series 0 Comments 428 Views 1 Follows Jul 19, 2023 pacipan
(If you know any other novel with the below, pls comment)... more>>
5 Series 4 Comments 2261 Views 9 Follows Nov 23, 2022 Eueu
Basically as the title. The MC is transmigrated into a novel and paired with an ML who is reborn (also blackened). ... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 820 Views 0 Follows Sep 30, 2022 Brigtter
Korean novels with double possession, where the protagonist reincarnates/possesses two or more different people in the same universe and in the same timeline... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 21059 Views 37 Follows Jul 20, 2022 braisedpork11
No harem, but majority of novels listed here have a female protagonist + wuxia/xianxia... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 151 Views 0 Follows Apr 21, 2022 Ichigom
Looking for other novels with multiple people reincarnated
32 Series 2 Comments 6502 Views 32 Follows Apr 16, 2022 MsEliteNEET
Friends/lovers/relatives transmigrated or reincarnate in the same story. Doesn't include enemies or people hostile to each other. Characters may or may not know the other person also transmigrated/reincarnated. I don't reveal who reincarnated/transmigrated unless it's stated in the blurb. BG and BL.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2664 Views 14 Follows Mar 27, 2022 Krinxin
Le cry~... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 1513 Views 14 Follows Mar 5, 2022 msbwhy
This list specifically includes all novels where MC MEETS A TRANSMIGRATOR.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 656 Views 0 Follows Feb 2, 2022 Brigtter
Korean novels that have moments between after the protagonist's death and before reincarnation... more>>
Lifetime of Hope
9 Series 0 Comments 55 Views 0 Follows Nov 18, 2021 Lifetime of Hope
This list include Completed Bl/Danmei novels. These novels do not have misunderstandings, Tragedy or any angst. Thank you.!!
56 Series 0 Comments 10261 Views 41 Follows Sep 3, 2021 Liriuss
Omegaverse that they are not the typical AlfaxOmega couple. They are mostly BL/MLM novels but there are also GL/WLW and GB/WLM.You will find novels: Chinese,... more>>
26 Series 2 Comments 11991 Views 56 Follows Apr 10, 2021 babybb
All things apocalyptic! And post-apocalyptic! ... more>>
21 Series 1 Comments 11706 Views 30 Follows Dec 29, 2020 Jem3710
a lot of transmigration, female mc vs og fl,  by that I mean either she schemes against the og fl, the og fl is jealous... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 7355 Views 17 Follows Dec 23, 2020 judeiiro
Second chances are a chance to change our original fate, so why are you here?? MCs who got their bitter end in their terrible first life gets to change in their second... but why isn't everyone letting them go??!... more>>
50 Series 1 Comments 6615 Views 5 Follows Oct 15, 2020 Sleep-deprived-enthusiast
All novels that I did not put in my other list/belongs in here. I enjoyed most of them as I definitely did read enough chapters to add these here.... more>>
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