11 Series 0 Comments 2041 Views 18 Follows Oct 18, 2023 mimino
u get it. 
5 Series 0 Comments 688 Views 0 Follows Sep 18, 2023 yorstruly
i'm gonna list down all the novels i know in all genres that you can read when you're resting, having a vacation or you just... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 1069 Views 9 Follows Sep 7, 2023 Oof_Ash.Here
1st List - more>>
42 Series 2 Comments 8412 Views 43 Follows Sep 1, 2023 chioux
the ones w/o a rating are ones i haven't read yet 
(not in any order) will update regularly 
99 Series 2 Comments 13151 Views 33 Follows Aug 21, 2023 teddycoolness
Romance that started in school. Couples that met and grew through school.
55 Series 0 Comments 2208 Views 12 Follows Aug 20, 2023 teddycoolness
Lovers that have known each other since childhood and lovers that are each other’s best friends. 
27 Series 0 Comments 1585 Views 3 Follows Aug 17, 2023 Arechu_Nana30
-Korean Edition... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 2138 Views 6 Follows Aug 3, 2023 Love-Emmy23
No description.
8 Series 0 Comments 1190 Views 2 Follows Aug 3, 2023 teddycoolness
Beautiful, heart-touching novels. From endearing novels that make you laugh and cry with sorrow/ happiness, be aware, this list contains fulfilling stories that can cause... more>>
20 Series 6 Comments 5781 Views 29 Follows Jul 31, 2023 LillyLovesManga
Being an idol/actor/superstar is hard work on its own, never mind the impending threat of death hanging over your head if you don't succeed in being the best. Follow our MCs as they go through the trials of failures and successes to achieve to be the greatest of their (somewhat forcibly) chosen careers. ... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 428 Views 1 Follows Jul 19, 2023 pacipan
(If you know any other novel with the below, pls comment)... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 1840 Views 10 Follows Jul 5, 2023 moonh
besties! found family! ride or die! best friend gangs! 
25 Series 0 Comments 5444 Views 18 Follows Jun 27, 2023 teddycoolness
Novels that make you go uwu by selling meng through children, childcare, family love, and friendship. They portray the wholesomeness of family and friendship, and depict the mischief and innocence of children, making you adore them.  Enjoy! :)... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 2659 Views 2 Follows Jun 1, 2023 Trina-mm
Mostly action some army building or friendship 
21 Series 0 Comments 8465 Views 52 Follows Mar 9, 2023 Redaer-Feka
No Tags
No description.
22 Series 0 Comments 2034 Views 4 Follows Feb 26, 2023 Qiaoyishanren
let's read them with open mind and full of emotions 
11 Series 0 Comments 3615 Views 3 Follows Jan 19, 2023 andyongie
Novels that are plot-heavy with skillful world building... more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 3783 Views 4 Follows Jan 5, 2023 Swertingikus
List of novels you might enjoy if you want to read novels with that have minimal romance/nonexistent.... more>>
34 Series 7 Comments 16144 Views 171 Follows Dec 13, 2022 S.a.h.a.r
Even if he pretend he is not! ... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1833 Views 2 Follows Nov 29, 2022 Naimena
Novels that will give you warm feelings. It could focus on friendship, romance or family bonds as long as it contains a positive outlook.  These... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 13383 Views 19 Follows Nov 29, 2022 recchi
Korean novels about the entertainment industry that I (personally) like and would recommend people to read.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 589 Views 1 Follows Oct 27, 2022 Leahkoala
Fed up with face-slapping? Jaded with jealousy? Sick of scheming sisters, killer cousins, and mu*derous mothers? Do you believe that a female protagonist doesn't have to hate all women just to love one man? Have you ever wondered why two lovely ladies were stuck in a love triangle with a man who was, frankly, inferior to both of them? Could you see yourself scanning chapters, hungry for a crumb of female solidarity in a sea of women bringing each other down in the name of romance?... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 25969 Views 90 Follows Oct 15, 2022 Oof_Ash.Here
1st List - more>>
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