Death of Loved Ones

11 Series 0 Comments 1395 Views 4 Follows Dec 27, 2023 sleepychicken
Crying, screaming, begging. Give me ice cream.... more>>
Mars Henituse
37 Series 0 Comments 923 Views 7 Follows Nov 21, 2023 Mars Henituse
I don't read that much but I want to keep a track of what I'm reading, also most of it are danmei... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 4078 Views 7 Follows Jul 19, 2023 TotallyNotFailingSkl
as a person who usually doesn’t cry these short novels were smth else ;-;
22 Series 0 Comments 2133 Views 10 Follows Jun 24, 2023 Aoidor
Mostly include one volume novels. And with a lot of crying and tragedys. Not specific order (my favorite is toaru tho). I will add some more after I advanced with my pending list (if they are worth it). ... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 3464 Views 19 Follows Apr 30, 2023 LAlmond
All I can describe here is where the novels I enjoyed but drained my emotional damage. There is comedy, laughter, and the heart-wrenching part where... more>>
49 Series 0 Comments 17177 Views 59 Follows Mar 29, 2023 Karajin
Angsty and sad webnovels because I'm a sucker for angsty stories. Yes, I really really love abusing myself so join me in this self-abuse-by-angst cult... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 1143 Views 1 Follows Mar 20, 2023 miharu023
Stories i enjoyed. Various themes. Varying length
Our Meeting in July
7 Series 0 Comments 595 Views 6 Follows Mar 18, 2023 Our Meeting in July
Sad BL novels.... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 2547 Views 9 Follows Mar 17, 2023 Elliep
Also their long night of indulgence (not on NU)
15 Series 2 Comments 2271 Views 15 Follows Mar 13, 2023 Giratina
These are recommendations from YunYun and novels they translated.... more>>
61 Series 1 Comments 25024 Views 71 Follows Feb 18, 2023 VenRayne
For the nights where we lay down the bed, seeking solace in angst stories.
40 Series 0 Comments 17010 Views 42 Follows Feb 8, 2023 gg_wp
no romance/harem, just stories with good world and no Cliché stories with repetitive storylines.... more>>
Daun Kering
80 Series 3 Comments 15217 Views 71 Follows Nov 13, 2022 Daun Kering
Here's my daily reading novel so i can read it anytime if i forget the tittle, i'll coming back here :3... more>>
90 Series 1 Comments 16201 Views 82 Follows Nov 10, 2022 Hippotato
I am loosing sight of all the stuff I read and liked or want to read still ? so ... Mostly cultivation stuff or historical. I have no standards and tend to read almost everything to have an excuse to procrastinate :,) So check the NU tags please.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 1524 Views 2 Follows Oct 26, 2022 Popsicles
Translated c-novels, lots of emotional damage. Strictly danmei, and prepare your tissues! I'll add more as soon as I finished another on my reading list. 
7 Series 0 Comments 172 Views 2 Follows Oct 16, 2022 mc373415
I will preface this with, the effort and energy put into these novels/manhwas is admirable. All art has value and should be respected. That being... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 5616 Views 21 Follows Oct 10, 2022 huebris
These novels got me sobbing so hard I can't see.
Jean Marie
39 Series 0 Comments 10178 Views 22 Follows Sep 15, 2022 Jean Marie
This list has both BL and BG novels. ... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 4590 Views 26 Follows Sep 7, 2022 Giratina
Mostly bl... more>>
23 Series 1 Comments 4415 Views 20 Follows Aug 20, 2022 JaiXie
If you're tired of reading fluffy novels (just like me rn) then this list is for you, all novels that are listed here are BE/SE... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 24353 Views 96 Follows Aug 15, 2022 JaiXie
just your typical dog blood novel where the gong treats the shou unkindly and only realized his feelings after the shou left /died. ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 2179 Views 10 Follows Aug 5, 2022 rameowae
all completed !! i'm actually not a fan of angst lmao but i still thought "i might get depressed tomorrow and I'll probably need this" then it piled up in my to-read list and so i built this nest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... more>>
Lucia Morose
23 Series 7 Comments 10214 Views 39 Follows Jul 30, 2022 Lucia Morose
Therapy costs more than these novels.... more>>
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