Reverse Harem

20 Series 0 Comments 2464 Views 16 Follows Jul 18, 2022 Bb_me
Formerly known as:  MLs/Semes: Always eating vinegar!... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 2917 Views 2 Follows Jul 14, 2022 qtpeelox
No description.
53 Series 0 Comments 10634 Views 32 Follows Jul 6, 2022 amber_hurts
This is for my own reading list. I include both straight and BL reverse harem. 
6 Series 0 Comments 1075 Views 2 Follows Jun 24, 2022 5thepast
An ongoing list. I'll add more as I find/read them. If anyone has any suggestions for good ones please lmk!! ... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 5531 Views 22 Follows Jun 20, 2022 corrina25
what it says on the tin! some of these stories have CWs so be aware!... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 496 Views 1 Follows Jun 19, 2022 Quinmohart
This list has mixed genres, some fl is white lotus/green tea (that's what I'm craving rn). There are some harem too mwehe
9 Series 0 Comments 1597 Views 10 Follows May 17, 2022 Nabii
˚‎ ༘☆ rom-com, fantasy korean novels~ ♡₊˚... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 3409 Views 8 Follows May 6, 2022 Kimchi759
Female protags that know how to charm & manipulate. Some are transmigrators, some are world hoppers. But all know how to go fishing. ... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 3914 Views 6 Follows May 1, 2022 Tatsie
No description.
20 Series 5 Comments 2319 Views 20 Follows Apr 29, 2022 aymi03
Reverse Harem. Polyandry. Matriarch. Woman on top. Female Alpha x Male Omega. Mpreg. Anything where a woman was dominant or just on the upper class rather than a man. You can suggest in comments if you have more recommendation! Rank in not order.... more>>
99 Series 0 Comments 17643 Views 73 Follows Apr 29, 2022 someonewithemptyhands
first this list is just for light read and read it for fun and sweet moment to repair ur soul  dont except any special plot .  second MC or ML is non human or transmit or turn into an animal so if u are a fan of this kind of story dont miss it.  third some novels has r*pe or violence element PAY ATTENTION  to tages !!!  feel free to comment if i missed any novel... more>>
8 Series 2 Comments 2947 Views 5 Follows Apr 23, 2022 Moska
It's all about getting the men
The art of seduction ... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 3181 Views 8 Follows Apr 3, 2022 Kafkaesque
multiple gongs chasing their one lil wife
30 Series 2 Comments 5554 Views 38 Follows Apr 2, 2022 kkyomimi
i have been exposed to much and now i am obsessed with bl. let me show you some which really stuck to me and i still reread it whenever i haven't found anything new.... more>>
20 Series 9 Comments 2525 Views 8 Follows Mar 28, 2022 NightSky_
I really wanted to create a list with novels in which the main character plays some kind of acting role and pretends to be a different person, and also novels with MC, which are misunderstood or all of the above together.
I will sort the novels according to these criteria:... more>>
46 Series 0 Comments 13828 Views 90 Follows Mar 4, 2022 Shuxien
Heya , I'm here with Harem Chinese Bl background, Check it out . If you interested, don't forget to check my other list\(^o^)/
18 Series 1 Comments 3677 Views 6 Follows Feb 24, 2022 YORIYORI20
No description.
2 Series 0 Comments 415 Views 0 Follows Feb 10, 2022 BriarOfMaharlika
These are the reads that personally annoyed me to some extent, when I thought the characters are well developed but oh well. Or have some... more>>
5 Series 7 Comments 2738 Views 10 Follows Jan 27, 2022 xkryptonx
she got them all wrapped around her fingers, played them like a fool, and yet they continue to pathetically begged for her affection.
13 Series 0 Comments 6673 Views 11 Follows Jan 26, 2022 SuperMochi_186
Best Historical Chinese Novels I've read or currently reading. I am a sucker for transmigration, politics, warfare, palace intrigue,  romance, and redemption novels.
18 Series 0 Comments 5514 Views 21 Follows Dec 29, 2021 bubblypopp
The MC transmigrates / reincarnates into a BL novel or game~The list includes BL and GxB
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