10 Series 0 Comments 162 Views 0 Follows 22 hours ago Kirisaki_Linari
In this list are novels with different genre but have something in common: an absolutely great plot. I assure you, i belong to that 50%... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 288 Views 0 Follows Feb 20, 2020 Lissu
Female leads (often beautiful) who are reborn or transmigrate and take revenge on the people who wronged her. All with powerful male leads who fall... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 222 Views 0 Follows Feb 20, 2020 Roro97
First of all Thanks you to the Translators for allowing us to read such amazing novels. I love Bl novels so here what i read so far....... more>>
32 Series 4 Comments 1295 Views 10 Follows Feb 18, 2020 DarkAngel268
The title says it all. BLs with a healthy power dynamic (mostly, since those are pretty rare), well-developed leads, great storylines, no unhealthy and unrealistic characterisations like yanderes or MCs with questionable IQs. ... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 290 Views 1 Follows Feb 18, 2020 janereads
Reading list of webnovels featuring quick wear, transmigration & rebirth in modern day setting and mostly featuring m/m (bl) relationships so far.... more>>
54 Series 0 Comments 926 Views 2 Follows Feb 17, 2020 Lascie
List made mainly for myself. I heard these novels (romance/female protagonist) were good. And overall without dumb MC or toxic ML. 
5 Series 0 Comments 311 Views 0 Follows Feb 17, 2020 yengxi
Isekai novels. Adventure. Game System
16 Series 0 Comments 667 Views 7 Follows Feb 16, 2020 janereads
Reading list of webnovels featuring court & harem intrigue and may include transmigration, rebirth, and gen, f/m and m/m relationships.... more>>
57 Series 0 Comments 4066 Views 11 Follows Feb 15, 2020 Sansin06
I'm just gonna include all those novels trash or not. I'll give my opinion in the description later.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 462 Views 2 Follows Feb 13, 2020 dyodaks
[ chinese bl novels ]... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 587 Views 5 Follows Feb 13, 2020 Anies
The novels in this list are all completed yo!
13 Series 0 Comments 864 Views 3 Follows Feb 11, 2020 pazmaldonado
Strong MC and a good man like ML 
Wei Yu
10 Series 0 Comments 387 Views 0 Follows Feb 9, 2020 Wei Yu
No description.
8 Series 0 Comments 947 Views 3 Follows Feb 9, 2020 arjelerific
Here are the list of Completed Novels that I have read and I can tell you that all of it were worthy of your time!!!... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 947 Views 0 Follows Feb 7, 2020 ohmycalla
If you are tired reading dumb female protagonists that has no character, then I recommend to read these stories in my list.
52 Series 0 Comments 3169 Views 9 Follows Feb 7, 2020 am1717
Just a random list of some of my favorite BL novels, both complete and ongoing translations (some I'm longing for updates on). Not really in... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 791 Views 0 Follows Feb 5, 2020 monique93
In terms of webnovels, I consider myself to be a newbie since I've been into this for a few years at most. But these are... more>>
75 Series 0 Comments 5043 Views 16 Follows Feb 2, 2020 monie
Narrations with a solid plot, and strong characters, that are well translated : all genres.
26 Series 0 Comments 2396 Views 9 Follows Feb 2, 2020 Sugaminny
my favorite Genre :3  no particular order
24 Series 0 Comments 2945 Views 18 Follows Feb 2, 2020 Karnika
The plot, the writing style and character growth have all been done very well in these novels. All have a female protagonist. 
Apaylia blackrose
100 Series 0 Comments 19793 Views 48 Follows Jan 31, 2020 Apaylia blackrose
Light novels or web novels with lots of fluff, sweet dialogues, cute moments and comedy. 
100 Series 2 Comments 16523 Views 61 Follows Jan 26, 2020 Snoweee
These are list of novels I’ve read for the past 3 years of discovering novel updates. These are gems and, and novels I love to read. ... more>>
sushi roll
16 Series 0 Comments 1206 Views 3 Follows Jan 24, 2020 sushi roll
Something to binge read with. All under 500 chapters only. All completely translated.
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