Black Belly

23 Series 0 Comments 408 Views 0 Follows Sep 18, 2023 blessthestars
I read and enjoyed these. Historical & fantasy novels. Rebirth, transmigration, xianxia, politics, and so on.
22 Series 0 Comments 643 Views 4 Follows Sep 16, 2023 professional_procrastinator
Do I want to marry them? Do I want to be them? Do I want to be their friend? Idk, it’s confusing 
26 Series 0 Comments 2482 Views 9 Follows Sep 11, 2023 Arenaphrodite
Made this list on a whim cause reading novels containing possessive/obsessive ML gives me the ultimate kind of joy. 
2 Series 2 Comments 516 Views 3 Follows Sep 9, 2023 SailorV
ALERT: The novels that I will recommend are highly possessive and others will be sweet with a touch of possessiveness.I am a fan of this... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 878 Views 11 Follows Aug 23, 2023 kumikocloud
best possessive, mentally-ill, psychotic, mommy-issue-having, peggable. cry-baby vulnerable male leads I've read. have literally gone cuckoo bonkers for this trope and read soooo many problematic... more>>
82 Series 0 Comments 3225 Views 10 Follows Aug 19, 2023 teddycoolness
Novel where society, people, and couples have mistaken the other’s identity. This list includes characters that aren’t exactly as they appear: characters who fake or... more>>
94 Series 0 Comments 2222 Views 5 Follows Aug 13, 2023 Zozo7400
All the bl novels I've read so far. There are many that I've read so I'll keep adding them as i come across them one by one. ... more>>
Li Sha
58 Series 0 Comments 7469 Views 30 Follows Aug 4, 2023 Li Sha
These were mostly books I've read back when I only started reading danmei novels so despite of the public's opinion to a certain book I... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 3762 Views 5 Follows Jul 29, 2023 rheaaa
Mainly strong female characters with brains, beautiful leads, power play or intrigue, good plot and world building. I do have soft spots for handsome men... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 3926 Views 19 Follows Jul 25, 2023 monokumoo
Contains morally grey/fully grey protagonists.  ... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 276 Views 2 Follows Jun 2, 2023 ciel_annn
not giving me that much of impression. just for the purpose of killing time.
29 Series 1 Comments 9571 Views 18 Follows Mar 23, 2023 Arenaphrodite
Novels having less than 80 chapters are moved here as the previous list got bigger 
14 Series 0 Comments 9922 Views 41 Follows Mar 11, 2023 SimpforCale
I love these types of Leads with low morality especially the Female lead. ... more>>
Li Sha
19 Series 0 Comments 1415 Views 6 Follows Feb 2, 2023 Li Sha
I feel bad for not completing these stories but at this point, I don't have any intentions finishing some stories so I made a list to compensate. >﹏<... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 9477 Views 12 Follows Jan 9, 2023 XiaoFanTuan
New list for the new year~ ... more>>
6 Series 2 Comments 4911 Views 21 Follows Jan 8, 2023 Bob127
I noticed a pattern/ trend in these novels. They kind of have similar stories/ tropes. 
21 Series 0 Comments 11111 Views 19 Follows Dec 20, 2022 skybluebutterfly
This is my favorite c-novel all the time from revenge, fluffy, comedy, angst and so on. Enjoy
26 Series 0 Comments 1956 Views 9 Follows Dec 4, 2022 parkjaena9525
I made this list based on the stories I've finished reading and they really left a very deep impression on me. 
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