Cunning Protagonist

3 Series 0 Comments 508 Views 0 Follows May 7, 2024 Kalla
Works where MC transmigrates into a hated/destined-to-die body and, to avoid this, fabricates a story to make it look like the original was just misinterpreted.... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 5383 Views 18 Follows Apr 25, 2024 Torina
This is BxG novels that mixed with historical and modern genre with excellent and unique plot than others. This lists can be called my favorites. 
11 Series 0 Comments 987 Views 3 Follows Apr 25, 2024 Torina
These novels composed of female protagonists that captures their target with the aid of system. A little to no love, but they're cunning and calculative... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 263 Views 2 Follows Apr 14, 2024 Karmic_debt
These is my personal list of bl novels that I’ve read completely. Normally it’s very hard for me to complete a story bc I get... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2655 Views 9 Follows Mar 27, 2024 Azure_Sky
The best female protagonists that left a lasting impression on me. They may possess qualities such as intelligence, manipulation, cunningness, physical strength, or mental fortitude.... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 1870 Views 6 Follows Feb 18, 2024 Imherebitches
All novels on my reading list.
77 Series 0 Comments 4776 Views 4 Follows Feb 16, 2024 creambun
These are the historical romance fantasy novels which I judged from there most do....ya???? I have only read some as I am more into... more>>
52 Series 0 Comments 4085 Views 35 Follows Feb 13, 2024 Starlight97
Top most bl, danmei , yaoi list that you will love.
2 Series 0 Comments 312 Views 1 Follows Feb 5, 2024 Nage002
Like I said,they are really unforgettable that they pop out in my mind at any free time.
36 Series 2 Comments 16125 Views 29 Follows Feb 4, 2024 neriya
Novels where the main protagonist transmigrates (or something similar) into a villain, who may or may not reform and become a "good" guy.
13 Series 2 Comments 4956 Views 29 Follows Jan 31, 2024 sindea
love clever scheming FLs who are strong and not damsels in distress. Most are Ancient Chinese but once in a while I'll read one thats... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2773 Views 15 Follows Jan 11, 2024 Somavatey
Danmei with green tea MC 
93 Series 2 Comments 7481 Views 16 Follows Jan 8, 2024 shayathawk
Could have forgotten some but most should be in here. Also this is mostly as a recommendations guide to my veteran friend Yoda, if other... more>>
36 Series 0 Comments 10121 Views 22 Follows Dec 29, 2023 cbboss
MC is the villain or related to the villain somehow (fiance, childhood friend, etc.)
25 Series 0 Comments 5009 Views 52 Follows Dec 28, 2023 Secrecywanted
Villainous ML + Powerful FL ... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 1018 Views 2 Follows Dec 28, 2023 Weebn234
Books I’ve read so far that truly had me hooked, like I couldn’t put it down for a second✨✨ both BG and BL
4 Series 0 Comments 526 Views 0 Follows Dec 16, 2023 ImHereJustReading
Just a list of novels I think I'll be having fun reading this Christmas! Nothing special, just a normal ordinary list with a wide variety... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1156 Views 2 Follows Dec 15, 2023 zaqzaqzaq1
The best I have read.
99 Series 0 Comments 3906 Views 19 Follows Nov 15, 2023 Imherebitches
All novels on my reading list in Chrysanthemum Garden. ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 609 Views 1 Follows Oct 25, 2023 Imherebitches
These bl have pretty covers so I wanted to record them!
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