Cunning Protagonist

25 Series 1 Comments 215 Views 1 Follows Jul 23, 2021 Pokemini
Listing up books recommended by others or the AI that might fit my preference (sorted according to how tempted I am) ... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 162 Views 0 Follows Jul 1, 2021 cosmicpeach
My "waiting for chapter update" + "want to read" novel that are guaranteed to be A+ novels.... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 971 Views 0 Follows Jun 30, 2021 sungjinwoo
A world with deep connection to our current society. Fantasy and Reality combined together to become " Imagination "
6 Series 1 Comments 1415 Views 4 Follows Jun 28, 2021 ajn
My favorites with rational MCs that use their brains. Some of them are tr*sh/manipulative/apathetic. The number does not represent anything. 
46 Series 1 Comments 7010 Views 20 Follows Jun 27, 2021 Revenger007
No description.
27 Series 0 Comments 3292 Views 4 Follows Jun 25, 2021 kingSlayer033
These are some of the best novels I've read thus far. Usually, the MC is calm, very smart with no hero complex. No Harem, No Slice of Life, and Most likely no romance, and if there is, just know that the story is still awesome :)... more>>
69 Series 0 Comments 8122 Views 12 Follows Jun 18, 2021 matengelem
These are some of the best novels I've read thus far and I asure you, you will not regret giving them a try. Some of... more>>
5 Series 2 Comments 4193 Views 2 Follows Jun 17, 2021 WeirdPersonOnTheInternet
These are the smut novels I've read that I expected to be just smut... But I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is great and it's... more>>
20 Series 2 Comments 1965 Views 7 Follows Jun 11, 2021 ilijana
Compiling all the novels I like or plan on reading. Usually the MC is calm & very smart + I also enjoy anti-hero protags. Most... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 10888 Views 16 Follows Jun 10, 2021 craterman
In no particular order. Props to anyone else who has read them all.
cielle unnie
36 Series 0 Comments 10536 Views 51 Follows Jun 6, 2021 cielle unnie
Well, pretty self explanatory, just a list of KR novels (mostly action/adventure) with no harem involved. ... more>>
100 Series 11 Comments 12912 Views 27 Follows May 26, 2021 Despapa69
A list of novels I like so I don't forget. Not in order. I try to not make this similar to FIEND's and other people's list but there aren't that many decent ones with no romance y'know. ... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1495 Views 1 Follows May 22, 2021 BurntOut_Binger
Cause you want to see them suffer.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 712 Views 1 Follows May 22, 2021 BurntOut_Binger
Protags are overrated. Give me someone unafraid of the dark.... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1036 Views 1 Follows May 15, 2021 kneel.before.this.consort
My baobei, my black lotuses.
42 Series 0 Comments 4841 Views 16 Follows May 4, 2021 Airplane_bro
These are just some of the BL novels that I have randomly found, but have not read yet (basically my book stockpile lol). But I have reviewed the synopsis and reviews to confirm it's not garbage. I hope everyone can find a book that they will like here! ヾ(^▽^)ノ... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 548 Views 0 Follows Apr 30, 2021 ximi_
novels i've finished reading following the historical/fantasy genre. may contain villainess/villain tropes
8 Series 0 Comments 307 Views 0 Follows Apr 16, 2021 Eulear
BL novels with MC that does not make me want to smash my head into a wall. Novels that I can reread again without getting... more>>
freemen muaddib
43 Series 2 Comments 19388 Views 23 Follows Apr 14, 2021 freemen muaddib
After reading many novels I reached the conclusion that (for a male at least) the perfect novel needs 3 ingredients to satisfy the reader without boring him:... more>>
59 Series 4 Comments 22399 Views 76 Follows Apr 13, 2021 Aix_Anra
this is mostly just male mc without female leads like "love interests" or harems :)... more>>
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