Cold Love Interests

4 Series 1 Comments 249 Views 3 Follows Oct 15, 2021 kuxian
a list of BL novels not completely translated, but is easy to MTL using google translations.... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 570 Views 0 Follows Oct 9, 2021 orpheus_rm
Welcome! Ladies and gentlemen, today I bring to you the amazing totally not sh*t list of all the otome isekai novels that definitely don't have the worst MLs and they definitely don't have unhealthy, toxic relationships. Consent is key and all of these novels definitely have that. Yep, no tr*sh here. Just good ol' wholesome shit.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 706 Views 3 Follows Oct 6, 2021 roastedmilktea
sh*t that is so cute i want to launch myself on a rocket into the sun SLDFJD
24 Series 1 Comments 2274 Views 17 Follows Sep 25, 2021 maymthu
I absolutely love reading shitty egoist MLs suffer when the FL moves on from loving them, apologising and regretting.... more>>
66 Series 0 Comments 6291 Views 13 Follows Sep 20, 2021 Sfxlrm
Beautiful stories that has depth and sense of reality.... more>>
82 Series 0 Comments 8741 Views 12 Follows Sep 19, 2021 akemiprtty
43 Series 3 Comments 4081 Views 26 Follows Sep 18, 2021 Sfxlrm
Tragedies that leaves an empty feeling after reading.... more>>
66 Series 0 Comments 4571 Views 12 Follows Sep 18, 2021 Sfxlrm
Tragedies that leaves an empty feeling after reading.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1351 Views 2 Follows Sep 8, 2021 Wannabella
Chinese Romances ♡ I Absolutely Love (≧▽≦)... more>>
42 Series 1 Comments 4009 Views 15 Follows Aug 22, 2021 etherealxielian
this list includes modern danmei novels that will make you smile :))
28 Series 0 Comments 4414 Views 28 Follows Aug 9, 2021 msbwhy
my cup of tea AND my guilty pleasure. I think this is the classic stereotypical gongs where they're strong and powerful enough to protect their shous (not that the shous are the weak), and they are so in love they'll make you get diabetes. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS BL ONLY, THANK YOU~... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2579 Views 10 Follows Aug 8, 2021 Hoouuujae60
Tall, handsome, and older love interest who'll just spoil our mc rotten...?... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 17091 Views 63 Follows Aug 6, 2021 sl33pyon3
My favorite novels featuring yandere/obsessive ML's. ... more>>
34 Series 0 Comments 5317 Views 20 Follows Aug 5, 2021 XiaoXueQiu
These are ALL the BL novels I have read (or in the process of reading). Some i liked more than others, but overall i think they are all pretty decent (I may recommend each of these novels to you. You can give them a try).... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 1716 Views 5 Follows Aug 4, 2021 SJi
Ack! This is the lost of my favorite BL of all times, I'm really not into historical so much so it'll be more in Modern... more>>
Han Orris
25 Series 0 Comments 1662 Views 1 Follows Jun 30, 2021 Han Orris
The novels here are really good and I know some of you will like them. Honestly, I'm a picky reader, and I still haven't finished... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1451 Views 6 Follows Jun 30, 2021 sl33pyon3
Running list of my favorite couples in novels. Notes will contain descriptions of the couples and rating. Ranked roughly by my enjoyment of the couple, but not necessarily the novel as a whole. ... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 2203 Views 9 Follows Jun 21, 2021 Yaoiholic
This recommendation list is created solely base on my reference. Most of the MLs here are quite possessive and I also love clever protagonists. ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 1414 Views 4 Follows Jun 15, 2021 Cerene
You know the rich guy, poor girl combination? The poor, cool and hard-working girl ending up with the extremely handsome, extremely rich guy? For them,... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 585 Views 2 Follows Jun 15, 2021 Cerene
Nothing says "I love you!" like "I hate you!" This is devoted to stories about enemies turning into lovers. Includes novel-length, oneshots, complete and incomplete... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1426 Views 10 Follows May 28, 2021 kurokitsune8
Listed below are e-sports or gaming related novels that either I have read or have heard a lot about. The novel listed below all have... more>>
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