Shameless Protagonist

6 Series 0 Comments 219 Views 1 Follows Aug 6, 2022 Sleptsleepingsleeps
Revenge for the a**holes and b*tches that really need their faces slapped up a bit
7 Series 0 Comments 416 Views 2 Follows Aug 6, 2022 koco2018
Yup, this is a list of novels that nearly killed me.... more>>
24 Series 1 Comments 4574 Views 57 Follows Jun 28, 2022 kingeddie
novels where the mc finds their person and decides to give them the world ... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1024 Views 0 Follows Jun 4, 2022 HedShakerLikey
Amazing novels, that with no hesitation whatsoever, I would die for. Willingly. 
Usagi sama
35 Series 0 Comments 949 Views 0 Follows Jun 3, 2022 Usagi sama
All kind of genre BL that i have read it till finished.. I didnt classification the list because i read to many and forgot some of them.Reborn, Rebirth, Romance, etc... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1106 Views 2 Follows May 25, 2022 chyiexn
mostly my favorite modern danmei novels ALL OF THEM ARE WORTH TO READ <3 enjoy ~ ^ ^
42 Series 1 Comments 6159 Views 35 Follows May 21, 2022 kingeddie
fls that i love so much because they are so dumb that it's so cute. ... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 1407 Views 8 Follows May 7, 2022 BK311
Completely transalated and I've read and ready to reread.... more>>
7 Series 6 Comments 2333 Views 4 Follows May 7, 2022 bloggbigg
A list of stories with main characters who range from selfish and socially awkward to just plain flat-out jerks. Sometimes the author tries to hide it, other times they show off with shoddy justifications.... more>>
86 Series 2 Comments 6917 Views 30 Follows Apr 20, 2022 SJi
7 Series 0 Comments 952 Views 6 Follows Apr 1, 2022 DorielMY
I'm more focused at MC - ML personality and interactions. The good story plot is a bonus. Feel free to recommend more if you have... more>>
16 Series 1 Comments 2247 Views 12 Follows Mar 27, 2022 mimic
Our lovely protagonists giving some divine karma back to the green tea b*tches, white lotuses, and haters in their lives ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡... more>>
13 Series 5 Comments 1766 Views 5 Follows Mar 6, 2022 fr0d4w3
The GOAT novels for me on the website. Only my personal cream of the crop. 
15 Series 0 Comments 3256 Views 35 Follows Feb 22, 2022 AutumnSugar
Female protagonist who I think are cool and are generally more dominant in the relationship.
49 Series 0 Comments 2976 Views 10 Follows Feb 16, 2022 Issis
Supernatural, action, comedy, school life, interstellar, psychological, tragedy, sexual abuse, fantasy, shounen ai, slice of life, drama, sci-fi, mystery, sports, historical, mature, etc.......
77 Series 0 Comments 12382 Views 74 Follows Feb 16, 2022 blackkoi
Apparently, I have a thing for characters who are shameless and good at getting what they want. Especially gong who are perverted and enjoy teasing shou LOL. Got to admit, they make things hella entertaining ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ).... more>>
Passerby Z
71 Series 3 Comments 25126 Views 101 Follows Feb 6, 2022 Passerby Z
We all know that some novels when MTL'ed can kill a few of your brain cells,  but here are some that I'll willingly sacrifice them... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1149 Views 0 Follows Jan 31, 2022 erynalu
Welcome, welcome, let's get embarrassed together~
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