Fearless Protagonist

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~ The protagonist of the story is the Villainess/Villain (Antagonist) Perspective (POV)  or Side-Character who loves or supports the Villainess/Villain to change their Death-Flags/Destiny/Fate.... more>>
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Includes:... more>>
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Home to the warriors who seek the dao. The journeys of despair, love and self-discovery of those that seek the pinnacle of the martial way.
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Anything...ANYTHING...that makes my heart trip with adrenaline and keeps me awake for days out of obsession. Any-thing that seizes my heart with so many giggles, guffaws, growls, and raucous snorts that my dog scares out a string of farts so raunchy that I gag. Any~thang that tears out a f*cking aaaawwww from my sore sore throat and oh very tired vibratordildofingershandfistummmmcoughcough. ... more>>
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I should probably jot down some non-NU novels as well:... more>>