Proactive Protagonist

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Some nice novels, butterfly into your stomac! Hopeyou enjoy!!
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by embarrassing i mean both the weak willed and the ones that cause unnecessary drama due to misunderstanding... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 559 Views 1 Follows Apr 10, 2020 Schadenfreudescat
ML who have had sad or tragic pasts and r now neither good or bad with hint of self loathing yet nice to others they... more>>
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Stories that are truly high quality.
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This is a list of novels that have mature characters, smooth progression and a solid plot. Little to no fan service. 
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Novels about MC's who only care about themselves. To them, everyone else is a side character who they don't care if they live or die. ... more>>
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Raise a hand if you recognize: A sweet/wild/sexy/dangerous/smart/lively/pure Chinese girl meets an overbearing boss/actor/CEO/prince/cultivator/general/demon/'god' of any field, and he falls in love with her. As soon as they have any sort of relationship, the girl becomes a pretty prop, while the guy is the one doing/deciding everything. Male friends? Forbidden! Going somewhere alone? Forbidden! Doing something slightly dangerous? Forbidden! Oh, she talked to a handsome male? She must be punished. In bed.... more>>
Lumus Exmachina
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I have collected the few stories with reasonable & moral characters and character development. In most of these stories, the powers  MCs have are earned... more>>