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12 Series 0 Comments 548 Views 3 Follows Oct 10, 2021 huangquan
Modern danmeis that I've read and loved~ (includes gaming, rebirth as well)
29 Series 2 Comments 3441 Views 29 Follows Sep 22, 2021 Reyleisha
My top picks for BL romance, with wonderful characters, some fluff or unconditional love. Beyond life and death. Just the most re-readable BL romance!... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 1816 Views 3 Follows Sep 5, 2021 Haruuu
Just a list of SoL romcoms that'll make you puke rainbow colored salt
21 Series 0 Comments 3059 Views 6 Follows Aug 4, 2021 read4fun2
Simple romcoms i enjoyed reading online. many of them have been made into dramas over the years
29 Series 0 Comments 2218 Views 6 Follows Jul 29, 2021 dwejitoki07
I don't like novels that are too toxic, complicated and has too much drama and is tragic. So here are novels I enjoyed reading. Cause it is a good story, suspense, interesting, they're fluffy, funny and though they're a cliché, still very enjoyable to read. ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 3547 Views 1 Follows Jul 28, 2021 Miss_Eliza
The best romance novels - many which are made into c-dramas.
100 Series 0 Comments 2999 Views 2 Follows Jul 22, 2021 dwejitoki07
Here are lists of novels I wanted to read as the plot is interesting. Some are completed in translation, some still on going.... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 9842 Views 10 Follows Jun 22, 2021 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Novels that involve E-Sports or gaming. Includes, BL, BG, or no romance. The novels here are around 4-5 stars.
20 Series 0 Comments 1862 Views 12 Follows Jun 11, 2021 gegeTT
a list of BL novels that i have already read. this is a mix of modern, historical, esports, ABO, and other genre there is. some have... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 3786 Views 17 Follows Jun 8, 2021 Homura_Choi
Would re-read again and again! My most memorable and favorite romances! HE is a MUST. ... more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 3451 Views 8 Follows May 14, 2021 jmaymore
Do I love gaming/streaming novels because I've never played a game? I don't know but I just can't get enough. BL & straight romances included,... more>>
57 Series 0 Comments 8467 Views 10 Follows May 13, 2021 idlereader
list of novels that's nice. ... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 784 Views 1 Follows May 4, 2021 Sunny.
novels about gaming.
10 Series 0 Comments 817 Views 2 Follows Apr 30, 2021 tsunringo
Ranked compilation of some of my favorite CN romance novels. Some shared criteria: 4+ ranking; completed works; well-written MC; loving ML
17 Series 0 Comments 1152 Views 6 Follows Apr 25, 2021 hongjun
some of them just e-books and some of them both e-books and physical version (Some of the novels on this list are allowed to translate... more>>
S. Xian Ji
5 Series 0 Comments 2383 Views 0 Follows Mar 30, 2021 S. Xian Ji
Mostly are based on esports or gaming with a slice of sweet romance.
77 Series 0 Comments 5995 Views 20 Follows Mar 28, 2021 LostSoutIsland
All novels are completely translated. Worth reading! 
65 Series 0 Comments 2437 Views 1 Follows Mar 28, 2021 LostSoutIsland
These novels I am reading and waiting for translator to finish translating all then I will read again. You can find all genre here. I will not sort out yet. ... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 3141 Views 7 Follows Mar 25, 2021 xxinyang_
mostly cn~ some are completely translated, some are not but can be mtl-ed... more>>
Akiya Anand
100 Series 3 Comments 23691 Views 92 Follows Mar 22, 2021 Akiya Anand
Here are some completed bl novels with happy endings! I don't like sad endings so here are my recommended novels with "HAPPILY EVER AFTER". Basically, you can find everything except a tragic end.  *.*... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 2079 Views 5 Follows Feb 27, 2021 MarchEclipse
Whatever that aren't completed, I MTLed them
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