Fantasy Creatures

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this list contains literal time-wasting novels. They're all fantasy novels hence the name of this list has.
27 Series 0 Comments 9184 Views 39 Follows Nov 12, 2019 raindroptree
My current reading list of my favorite BL(Boy Love/Boy x Boy) novels including System/World hopping(Isekai), Xianxia (Cultivation, immortals, Daoism), and General Fantasy in no particular... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 2668 Views 8 Follows Sep 25, 2019 Sycal
Want to share and recommend some chinese novels i like, also hope to find more interesting novels from other people :)
2 Series 1 Comments 1929 Views 1 Follows Sep 17, 2019 Eclair_Aoi
Novels in which characters are players in a world of Fantasy and where Rankings are made to see the strongest.
9 Series 0 Comments 3299 Views 1 Follows Sep 16, 2019 Eclair_Aoi
Isekai'd in a world of Fantasy, continued living in a new world of magic but without game like setting.
28 Series 2 Comments 4383 Views 2 Follows Aug 31, 2019 Spiritsong
Just a list of recommendations that I think is worth looking into. List is not sorted to any ranks of any sort. Its added only when I remember to add a novel into the list.... more>>
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Novels that i have finished reading or still reading . The lists main purpose is for me to track record of the novels that i... more>>
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They are not isekai novels, just similar to one.
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I avoid 95% of tragedy drama stories, I love weird, cute, funny, fantasy stories with over 50% having some form of romance, though there's one... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 1768 Views 5 Follows Aug 6, 2019 RiiRu
These are novels what I have read / I'm reading and I want to recommend to others.Genres: BL, shounen ai, yaoi, comedy, romance, isekai, fantasy,... more>>