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All the danmei's I've read/am reading, and enjoy.... more>>
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High school, college and the office are the not-so-romantic settings of many lovely stories.
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A bunch of novel that worth re-read many times!! 
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What frustrate me the most is when s*xual tension is all over the place but when the moment of truth finally came authornim will just say, they did it like this or that then FL woke up late feeling weak. So here are some Novels with smutty scenes that I've read.... more>>
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List of romcoms where MC is already at college or a working person.
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Novelas donde los protagonistas son amantes de la ingeniería o de la contrucción.... more>>
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IN this list :
-Students, University, Teache,r Club, Part-Time, Jobs...-Work, CEO, Office, Business-Men,...-Family Complex or Not,Wedding, Divorce, Child care (not a fan but idm), adoption,...-Hobby:  Photograph, Painter, Sport, Writer,...-Showbiz: Actors, Singers,....(might make an other list special showbiz but Im lazy) ... more>>
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See my lists titled “Straight Fluffy Romances” for more in depth reviews of most of these novels. ... more>>
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