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The FL wants to Divorce the ML to save their own life / wants to live
with peace and freedom, and the ML became an obsessive man didn't want to let go of the FL and won't let the divorce happen.... more>>
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compilation of some novels i read with considerable amount of translated chapters. translation is either ongoing or discontinued.
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Novels that I'm current reading... more>>
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Novels that I'm current reading... more>>
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Well Zoom University still sucks, anyways... I am not longer shame to admit I am a full-on degenerate. I love me some good smutty stories... more>>
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IN this list :
-Students, University, Teache,r Club, Part-Time, Jobs...-Work, CEO, Office, Business-Men,...-Family Complex or Not,Wedding, Divorce, Child care (not a fan but idm), adoption,...-Hobby:  Photograph, Painter, Sport, Writer,...-Showbiz: Actors, Singers,....(might make an other list special showbiz but Im lazy) ... more>>
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Admittedly, this took longer to compile than the other lists. I had a hard time picking out which ones left a deep mark in my... more>>
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Protagonist who are the biological parents. Stories must involve their relationship with child or children weather it be hiding, raising, or protecting them. Romance with... more>>
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Novels with divorce-themed. Has stories where the characters may or not be reconciled before or after they divorce.... more>>
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No description.
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At first i didn't like CN novel bcs it's hard to me read the MC/FL/ML name  but, after i read this several novel it's looks... more>>
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I'll update again after I read the other korean novels ^^
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Korean web novels that I am planning to read once I have the time 
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Light hearted novel with happy ending (prefered), transmigration, romance, family, fluffy, with a little bit angst (too much angst and I've might drop it), modern,... more>>
soloquiero ser mimada
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norteo es mucho la verdad y probablemente no lea todas las historias que ponga dentro de esta lista pero igual la viaje a crear :-p
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Some are completed and some are not but definitely worth it to read. My list shows that im getting addicted to readin CN novels!!!!