55 Series 0 Comments 4552 Views 13 Follows Oct 15, 2023 teddycoolness
Lovers who work together in their respective careers. Involves romance that emanated from similar work settings... more>>
99 Series 0 Comments 14128 Views 62 Follows Aug 20, 2023 teddycoolness
“Please don’t leave me because you’re all that I have. Even if the whole world is against me, I know that you’ll be there for me.”... more>>
20 Series 6 Comments 5790 Views 29 Follows Jul 31, 2023 LillyLovesManga
Being an idol/actor/superstar is hard work on its own, never mind the impending threat of death hanging over your head if you don't succeed in being the best. Follow our MCs as they go through the trials of failures and successes to achieve to be the greatest of their (somewhat forcibly) chosen careers. ... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 13409 Views 19 Follows Nov 29, 2022 recchi
Korean novels about the entertainment industry that I (personally) like and would recommend people to read.... more>>
Lucia Elys
36 Series 0 Comments 8314 Views 26 Follows Sep 12, 2022 Lucia Elys
Includes psychological and mystery stories as well. Some I didn't read fully
15 Series 0 Comments 2324 Views 17 Follows Aug 8, 2022 FelicitaScarlet
A collection list of the BL novels that are totally focused on the horror-based and mystery solving filled with suspense and thriller!
57 Series 2 Comments 2063 Views 8 Follows Jun 28, 2022 RoseAllFoster
mostly already completed (Happy Ending)... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1355 Views 3 Follows Jun 13, 2022 Ihartkimchi
Novels about idols!! Preferably relating mostly around the entertainment business and personal growth, but will make exceptions for novels with romance element if they're really... more>>
11 Series 1 Comments 1584 Views 5 Follows Jun 9, 2022 fishfish
as long as it has e-sports, and i've read it, it's getting slapped on here. good, bad, who cares? i don't. just give me competitive video games damn it... more>>
73 Series 0 Comments 9820 Views 66 Follows Jun 5, 2022 Issis
Mostly horror                                          Special abilities, mutations, mysteries, saving the world, power couple, cruel characters, obsessive love, yandere, black belly, psychopaths, secret organizations, infinite flow, thriller, slow romance, established relationships, rebirth, human weapon, weak to strong, etc.....
1-35 HORROR tagged... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 3363 Views 13 Follows May 9, 2022 Suibian_bc
Books i would never put down nor forget. Mixed genre of modern romance, historical romance, contemporary romance
13 Series 0 Comments 2487 Views 11 Follows Feb 26, 2022 littlewade
Here are the list of  stories that have apocalyptic plot for BL 
87 Series 11 Comments 52728 Views 245 Follows Jan 27, 2022 blackkoi
No romance, no harem. Just MC with their brotherhood/sisterhood or found-family ^^~.... more>>
Salted Eggie
49 Series 1 Comments 4106 Views 18 Follows Dec 29, 2021 Salted Eggie
I include my fav . So its easier for me to find. Most of it I've completed. ... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 2639 Views 1 Follows Dec 29, 2021 CJB20
I am not a gamer myself but I still love reading this genre type.... more>>
13 Series 2 Comments 2400 Views 11 Follows Nov 11, 2021 LookingforanotherPIT
No toxicity and no frustrating 'lack of communication' and even if it's not talked about right away it's solved maturely. Feeling that goes both ways. Couples that actually Communicate with each other, instead of dragging simple problems out. Mature and developed romances. And this also applies to friends, families, and jobs. (This can basically be the description for all the novels)... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 1559 Views 13 Follows Nov 8, 2021 LookingforanotherPIT
#1-10 are BL novels,   #11-15 are BG novels Thrillers, Time Travel, E-sports, and Acting/Entertainment Industry are all included in here. This includes Reincarnation or Transmigration.I will... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 7271 Views 37 Follows Oct 29, 2021 Yume8018
Spreading some happiness and blessings to all you gamers and internet addicts out there!
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