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Teacher, Instructor, or Professor Protagonists
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As title as, novels with protagonists who are teachers and focus mainly teaching their students and such. NO HAREM NOVELS. May contain minor romance for some novels tho, but even then, I try to only include novels that don't have a relationship between a teacher and a student.... more>>
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Yes, the tags are correct. This is strictly business, compiling the ecstasy novels by kinks and fetishes. This list will include strictly "teacher" and "student" themes. You can check out my other lists for more varieties since my smut is all my taste.... more>>
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Korean novels with teachers, non or protagonists... more>>
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Action fantasy novels with the setting mainly taking place within an academy 
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No description.
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IN this list :
-Students, University, Teache,r Club, Part-Time, Jobs...-Work, CEO, Office, Business-Men,...-Family Complex or Not,Wedding, Divorce, Child care (not a fan but idm), adoption,...-Hobby:  Photograph, Painter, Sport, Writer,...-Showbiz: Actors, Singers,....(might make an other list special showbiz but Im lazy) ... more>>
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Readjust for fun, no need troubles, as long as not dumb, not Heaven-defying Luck, not against Young Master