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It's c*m to my attention that I need to separate these beautiful MLs from the rest of the bunch. ... more>>
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The ML is SOOOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE! But also he's a smut protagonist so uh, I don't want mine torn too.... more>>
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-*bzzt Bzzt BzZt..mmh* Hold it in until I finish my coffee. Why are you leaking everywhere today haa.... more>>
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Someone had to create it. Listen, we weren't born yesterday. in*est is bad morally and genetically. We all will not take part in this in real-life right? Okay. Well anyway, about half the novels are step-siblings because readers can feel more h**ny by knowing there isn't a genetic relationship.... more>>
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You came for a f*ck, and if you read well you may get your release.... more>>
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MC decides to play a dangerous game of temptation and gets caught and... well taught hard.... more>>
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What's up with this innocent title? Wow the contents of this list are so filthy hahaha but you wanted this didn't you?... more>>
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Yes, the tags are correct. This is strictly business, compiling the ecstasy novels by kinks and fetishes. This list will include strictly "teacher" and "student" themes. You can check out my other lists for more varieties since my smut is all my taste.... more>>
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You're all going to hell with me :D.
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My list of BL p*rn for night workout ... more>>
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Minors prohibited!! Pure obscenity and no plot just smut. You need holy water after reading these stuffs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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For those looking to read some meat :D... more>>
Melon eating bystander
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Just a bunch of pe*verted stuff that pe*verted me like to read
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smut, inter**x, threesome
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Basically smut novel, with or without plot, for your pleasure before going to bed and have a good night sleep
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My R-List. The naughtiest of the naughty. The ones that made me feel tingly in my jellies.... more>>