Perverted Protagonist

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Smut Novels that I've read that I consider rather indecent (and exciting in a way ehem) in different terms. Could be a romance involved smut or just plain p*rn without any plot lmao. Only common thing in each of these novels is that I (somehow) like them, of course for different reasons which would be explained each below. Beware that this are all my own opinion, you can disagree if you want to. Feel free to take this list for reference if you're looking for some nasty reads. This is also in a random assortment, please pay no mind to the order.... more>>
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What it says in the packet, fresh meat, papapa and just general sin
One little lion
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Hello! Welcome to your straight-to-hell hole! :) Why? Because there's only yaoi-ish smut short stories/short novels in this list.
Now, buckle up and turn up the fan velocity because this will be a quite hot and spicy roller-coaster fall!... more>>
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WARNING! WARNING!!!! NSFW Novels! Read at your own risk! A LOT of explicit smut and extreme s*x scenes!!!! Read the tags first!!!!... more>>
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You can pray to the deity of your choosing, but I don't think even they can absolve you of the sin of reading these novels.... more>>
Stella Crimson
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18+ smut read by me 
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Novels that gave me "that" feeling, the depression after having no more chapters left to read.... more>>
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Not the greatest from a critic's point of view, but is definitely fun to read and refreshing. My personal favorites.
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Ero-Novels for everyone