Character Growth

5 Series 0 Comments 109 Views 0 Follows Apr 4, 2020 xinxie
No description.
3 Series 0 Comments 321 Views 0 Follows Mar 29, 2020 VeryNiceNice
Stories that are truly high quality.
17 Series 0 Comments 847 Views 3 Follows Mar 13, 2020 Yuina28
Long reading ahead. Good luck.
Fudanshi Coco
21 Series 0 Comments 2080 Views 4 Follows Mar 11, 2020 Fudanshi Coco
Novels that couldn't be explained by merely Words! I must say that under this lists were great novels with their own uniqueness and flavor. I... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 1461 Views 4 Follows Mar 9, 2020 etsuhun
not in order~ ... more>>
Fudanshi Coco
20 Series 1 Comments 1941 Views 18 Follows Mar 9, 2020 Fudanshi Coco
The novels that really hooked me and made me see endless possibilities. Truly a masterpiece. Each of their own plots and uniqueness. The characters hooked... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1408 Views 3 Follows Mar 7, 2020 HalfFish2
Badass characters don't have to be OP. They don't have too be omniscient or super smart. All they need is a strong personality and a... more>>
53 Series 10 Comments 7933 Views 75 Follows Feb 18, 2020 DarkAngel268
The title says it all. BLs with a healthy power dynamic (mostly, since those are pretty rare), well-developed leads, great storylines, no unhealthy and unrealistic characterisations like yanderes or MCs with questionable IQs. ... more>>
89 Series 0 Comments 14600 Views 44 Follows Feb 2, 2020 monie
Narrations with a solid plot, and strong characters, that are well translated. All genres.... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 922 Views 3 Follows Jan 30, 2020 riida
Overlooked and underrated novels that are really unique in terms of either characters, world, story or even several at once and don't have glaring faults.... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 2565 Views 4 Follows Dec 24, 2019 Bigfishparty
Novels I personally enjoyed in no particular order. Highly recommend anything on this list as you surely won't be disappointed.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 2871 Views 6 Follows Dec 23, 2019 cosmicpeach
The main theme of this list is "ROMANCE", but it will include so many other genres.... more>>
95 Series 0 Comments 18602 Views 43 Follows Dec 8, 2019 Noahsc
Here are all the BL novels that I have read!
71 Series 0 Comments 9066 Views 7 Follows Dec 5, 2019 LoreCarN
Well~ this my list of novel that i already read.....some good, some bad, some become good another become bad.  ... more>>
46 Series 10 Comments 8856 Views 57 Follows Dec 1, 2019 Tsukkin
Here of some of my favorite novels, i tend to like novel without romance, harem, ecchi, or tragedy tags. I also like stories with great... more>>
22 Series 10 Comments 2679 Views 15 Follows Nov 26, 2019 Cindamoon
Please consider donating some BL recommendations down in the comments, and I will add them to this to-read-list! I am seriously in need of food... more>>
18 Series 1 Comments 3806 Views 8 Follows Nov 19, 2019 antoniomanuel10
Avid reader for a long time, some novels are not an amazing read but are really fun to read and have them moments. The list will be ranked, but its susceptible to the time at which i read them. Hope you like the list and if you want further reviewing on some novel, comment.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 3053 Views 3 Follows Nov 19, 2019 wetsama
Just some random novels that caught my interest. These novels vary from one another, some needs you to invest time reading into it and there... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 2821 Views 13 Follows Nov 14, 2019 anonmily
Here are some stories with good protagonists. “Good” here meaning rational and human, and non-braindead and non-a**hole—the type that makes you want to root for... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 15420 Views 22 Follows Nov 2, 2019 Miki_Sawa
Novels similar to solo leveling or The Novels Extra which has game elements and op protagonists 
27 Series 1 Comments 3582 Views 5 Follows Oct 30, 2019 Tresdin
Only novels I didn't drop or regret finishing, meaning I enjoyed everything here greatly. Expect nice fights or interesting world building, and not very much politics.... more>>
52 Series 2 Comments 16953 Views 41 Follows Oct 29, 2019 tallrice
Don't expect many harems with characters who can't think for themselves or fall in love with the MC before page 1. Many might have a slow moving plot... have to invest yourself into the characters to find the tragic, beautiful and poignant!... more>>
82 Series 0 Comments 11318 Views 22 Follows Oct 27, 2019 Lascie
Part 2. Quality BL/yaoi novels worth a read with good plot and interesting story. I love all genres (fantasy, scifi, historical...) but avoid weak and dumb MC or shou. Not into harem and tragedy with bad end.... more>>
9 Series 1 Comments 3022 Views 6 Follows Oct 10, 2019 Sherrynity
Basically novel I personally love so much I don't want to ever forget them.
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