Abusive Characters

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smutty novels that are questionable but because you love smut, you read them anyway. 
8 Series 0 Comments 1679 Views 1 Follows Jul 9, 2020 Pffftttt
Novels that made me sweat my eyes and rampaging my house for tissues ....
6 Series 1 Comments 1072 Views 1 Follows Jul 3, 2020 Oizys
List of novels I think are tr*sh and better left unread for the sake of mental health. It's my personal opinion so no offense if... more>>
Suibian Muah
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Sharing my favorite tear jerking list- Yeah, normal people won't understand this lol 
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My list of the best stories where the protagonist is or is perceived to be a villain, however through learning or experiencing their fate, tries... more>>
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BL — I believe in second chances , since it’s your moment to make good usage of  this time to turn things around or change them... more>>
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Angst, sad, depressing, tear jerking, heartbreaking, read in the middle of the night with a box of tissues next to you novels.
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My list... (ノ∇≦*)... more>>
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The Scum Male - an egocentric, manipulative, and overbearing character, especially to their romantic partner. Also known as a slag man.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 1389 Views 6 Follows Mar 31, 2020 Lizonka
Novels that explore issues like abusive relationships, rape, manipulation, unbalanced power dynamics in relationships,  your oh-so favorite younger guy falling in love with the older... more>>
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There are tragedy, abuse, or death of the loves one in some stories bellow that make you sad and your heart hurt, but that is... more>>
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You remember them because they pop out of the book and give a lasting impression. It’s that scene or action you remember about the book... more>>
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For mind with high tolerance. Those are just mindf*cking.
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For all your dog blood needs
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Novels are ranked based on:... more>>
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Some are completed and some are not but definitely worth it to read. My list shows that im getting addicted to readin CN novels!!!!
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These are my personal favourite BL novels. Possessive and dominating Gong is totally my all time fave. List also includes, rape, revenge and abuse seme which is kinky. haha. ... more>>