Inferiority Complex

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༺☆༻ Must read this at least for once in your lifetime ༺☆༻... more>>
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No description.
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Idk what this says about my taste in men, but if you want a strong/caring female lead to rescue her man or are looking for... more>>
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the novels I would read over and over again all types of genres other than harem
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Ml/Fl with disabilities, inferiority complex’s and tragic pasts getting their happy ending
Bun Master
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With romantic, family-oriented &
life-affirming tales, this collection of heartwarming novels celebrates the beauty and complexities
of the human experience. Filled with laughter, tears, and... more>>
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Novels where the ML suffered a lot, but got a new happy ending.... more>>
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Male lead has either obvious or hidden illness/disability/sickness/is dying and this is significant to the plot. Let waifu take care of you! (idk why I love this trope so much). 
Also check out my other list "My Waifu is Sick" for MC's with illness/disabilities... more>>
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the list where all the small pp mls are ... more>>
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90%read. They are here 'cause I found the synopsis angsty or some chapters in the novels i've read made me cry and sad. Anyway sadness is there.... more>>
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Alpha Girl x Omega Boy... more>>
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Sweet cinnamon roll MLs and FLs whom you’ll want to hug.... more>>
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second chances (rebirth or transmigrated FLs) for Mls to be given all the love they deserve. Beautiful and kind FL's pampering their insecure and misunderstood ML's. Stories of love, growth, and happy endings that will warm your heart. ... more>>
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Male Lead’s that have faults because I love to make myself sad & read broken characters xx... more>>
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So this is the list novel i read when the MC/ML need our hug, courage and love. They isn't perfect character and mostly have inferior complex or sad (psst tragic) past. This list also contain my favorite and comfort novel, that will not leave bad taste in your mouth. Guaranteed HE!... more>>
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do you like cheating? abuse? humiliation?sacrifices?... more>>
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Instead of OP CEO or arrogant and domineering ML, these precious MLs need coaxing and feel inferior to the MC (or vice versa in some cases). EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE SO PRECIOUS AND DESERVE THE WORLD!! Most of them are insecure and afraid their partner will leave or no longer like them due to their flaws/illness/background/past/etc. There is a lot of pampering, coaxing, understanding, and healing in these beautiful stories. I've tried to put similar setting/vibe stories together so the list is easier to navigate. BG in the first half and BL in the second half :)... more>>
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Characters that although they do not want to admit it, there is a lot in this vast world.But again I don't know but this really... more>>