Multiple POV

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Some JP light novels to pass your time.... more>>
98 Series 2 Comments 19791 Views 36 Follows Jul 18, 2021 peterkxm
This is a list of novels that have romance in it, regardless of any other genre that accompanies it. This can be fantasy, sci-fi, historical, you name it!... more>>
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the novels I'm reading/ to read while waiting for the latest chapter of our young master silver shield. They're not really similar since TCF is... more>>
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the title said it all. i've just read half from the list but!!1! it's okay xD now u guys the one who'll judge just how accurate this recs list from ur pov <33 have fun~... more>>
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-Romance-School life priority. (Only reading Japanese)-Reading Something that makes us diabetes.... more>>
Blue yume
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Stories that I could not classify, I suppose with male protagonists?... more>>
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goldmine of misunderstanding novels. mostly focus on comedy stuffs... more>>
Cereal Is Life
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These are novels that I have completely read or is in the middle of reading with high anticipation. I do not regret reading them but... more>>
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MC with solid multiple identities that relevant to the story till the end, and author can explain or connecting all of mc deeds in the... more>>
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Thrash novels are too prevalent, that's why I made it easier for everyone and just made a list of in mea sentetia novels that actually do have great plot or those that stand out from their peers. These are the must reads. ... more>>
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one of the greatest pleasures when consuming a 1v1 BL novel is realizing that there is a delectable side ship as an appetizer! but it's also hard to pinpoint novels where you might find one just by reading summaries/reviews/tags... so here are BL novels that are certified to have some scrumptious side CPs!... more>>
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ML who have had sad or tragic pasts and r now neither good or bad with hint of self loathing yet nice to others they... more>>
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The are my favorite, and you may hate or like them. Please don't criticize. Pls.             ... more>>
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I avoid 95% of tragedy drama stories, I love weird, cute, funny, fantasy stories with over 50% having some form of romance, though there's one... more>>
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No description.