Emotionally Weak Protagonist

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Novels that I would pay to forget! These are not recommendations but a warning
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-Korean and Japan edition... more>>
Retired Mermaid
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Novels that I gave up reading. 
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the list where all the small pp mls are ... more>>
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90%read. They are here 'cause I found the synopsis angsty or some chapters in the novels i've read made me cry and sad. Anyway sadness is there.... more>>
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I sacrificed my eyes for this list lol. There will be a few novels listed that did not have tear-jerking scenes but they got my heart wrenched so I have to put them in here ;)... more>>
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Some novels from my favorite author and ones which are similar to the same genre.
Undying Winter
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Well, let's talk about my taste in general, so you can decide whether you really want to bother reading my lengthy rants or not: https://justpaste.it/1r42y  ... more>>
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Romance, comedy, childcare. Everything is warm and fuzzy. Great palate cleansers from what I usually read.
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Things i think are la creme de la creme of this site... more>>
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Here the list of JP novel that you dont need to think deep or seriously when reading, or you will be pissed.... more>>