Familial Love

Apaylia blackrose
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Light novels or web novels with lots of fluff, sweet dialogues, cute moments and comedy.
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A continuation of best novels compiled ****PART 2*****
57 Series 2 Comments 33920 Views 131 Follows Jan 11, 2020 itsasecret
These are the stories which I liked, and others which I frequently saw, but just passed by. It turns out that it was a GREAT STORY, a diamond in a rough.... more>>
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As is says on the title. Any story that contains raising children and family fluff.  Single parents, adopted children, found families, or naturally conceiving, all are welcome!... more>>
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It's so fluffy I'M GONNA DIEEE!!!... more>>
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Mc is untouchable in the place where he at. Mc didn't seek a recognition from other people.... more>>