Familial Love

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A list of novels that you should never ever miss out. A mix of BL and straight romance, but I promise, they are all worth... more>>
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- child protagonist... more>>
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This is basically just a list of my favorite uncompletely translated novels. I'm waiting for this novel to be completely translated before reading it
9 Series 3 Comments 1054 Views 8 Follows Jul 30, 2020 nnv
the how-to guide in being good parents from tyrant dads, change-of-heart (or not so?) step-mothers, and even the reincarnated child with an adult mind! in some way shape or form, these stories focus on family as chaotic or peaceful as they can be. and that's okay.... more>>
sushi roll
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Get your daily dose of modern romance here~! No heavy stuff, just fluff! Completed and also translated
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All of these novels were based on my my cup of tea. Take a pick, and let me know what kind of flavor do you... more>>
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among the treacherous backstabbers, schemers, and abusive relatives that fiction is rife with, here you'll find those rare good people that care about their children,... more>>
Apaylia blackrose
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Stories that are sweet, cute, and heartwarming overall. Can be Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi, historical, QT, Modern, Futuristic or drama. 
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Adorable interactions that make you want to have a child yourself <3... more>>
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A continuation of best novels compiled ****PART 2*****
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These are the stories which I liked, and others which I frequently saw, but just passed by. It turns out that it was a GREAT STORY, a diamond in a rough.... more>>
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As is says on the title. Any story that contains raising children and family fluff.  Single parents, adopted children, found families, or naturally conceiving, all are welcome!... more>>
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It's so fluffy I'M GONNA DIEEE!!!... more>>
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Mc is untouchable in the place where he at. Mc didn't seek a recognition from other people.... more>>