Unrequited Love

50 Series 21 Comments 6530 Views 32 Follows Aug 20, 2023 DemonGodSimp
If you don't have a home, then I'll give you a home. If you don't have any relatives, then I'll give you plenty of children. We'll have lots of kids and when they grow up and have family of their own, we'll have even more children. That way, you'll have a big family and plenty of loved ones.... more>>
93 Series 0 Comments 1232 Views 3 Follows Aug 5, 2023 Immabesad.not.havesex
I'm trying to find all the novels I've finished reading so that I can finally count how much of a veteran I am
52 Series 14 Comments 7605 Views 29 Follows Aug 1, 2023 DemonGodSimp
Secret love. For some people, it is war and chaos; for others, it is a warm spring with flowers blooming.... more>>
81 Series 0 Comments 14683 Views 59 Follows Jul 30, 2023 teddycoolness
This list includes possessive lovers that weren’t able to together with mc at first, including mls/fls that had unrequited love toward the mc, were neglected... more>>
6 Series 3 Comments 6257 Views 8 Follows Jul 21, 2023 sachinjais
This list will focus on protagonists which have been abandoned by their childhood sweethearts or best friends. I will probably also add some stories which... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 2493 Views 4 Follows Jul 19, 2023 TotallyNotFailingSkl
as a person who usually doesn’t cry these short novels were smth else ;-;
6 Series 0 Comments 1936 Views 4 Follows Jul 13, 2023 Nautixen7
I live in the wife-chasing crematorium. I die in the wife-chasing crematorium. (Will occasionally update)... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 792 Views 0 Follows Jul 8, 2023 suitonjutsu02
List of straight/hetero books that I’ve read which has infuriating ML
5 Series 0 Comments 893 Views 1 Follows Jul 4, 2023 Aldieb27
Love stories with a sweet dreamy feeling to them. The vibrancy of youth and the joy of second meetings.
10 Series 0 Comments 3224 Views 2 Follows Jun 6, 2023 ebm503
Either I've watched them as dramas or read them fully as novels, crying at least once.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 1660 Views 2 Follows May 14, 2023 inanaa
each made with a cup of unrequited love (as in FL loving too much) and a cup of angst
7 Series 0 Comments 2520 Views 3 Follows Apr 24, 2023 Yukixhif
Involves ditching tr*shy leads and savoring their suffering, regret, and rolling in the mud afterwards. Angsty ✨✨✨
10 Series 0 Comments 5367 Views 10 Follows Apr 3, 2023 nan63
No description.
45 Series 0 Comments 14743 Views 50 Follows Mar 29, 2023 Karajin
Angsty and sad webnovels because I'm a sucker for angsty stories. Yes, I really really love abusing myself so join me in this self-abuse-by-angst cult... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 19345 Views 47 Follows Mar 27, 2023 ebm503
Either I've watched them as dramas or read them fully as novels, crying at least once.... more>>
Little Lions Shambolic Mane
5 Series 0 Comments 1131 Views 0 Follows Mar 20, 2023 Little Lions Shambolic Mane
I cried at least 5 times reading it whether it was the first read of the 100th
3 Series 0 Comments 1090 Views 0 Follows Mar 16, 2023 notsogood
No description.
6 Series 1 Comments 692 Views 3 Follows Mar 12, 2023 extra77
Um pouco de angústia para ler mais tarde↓... more>>
18 Series 3 Comments 7544 Views 59 Follows Mar 9, 2023 moon-bunnies
stories listed all have a scummy ml involved with the mc, while there's a white moonlight in the background. then the ml loses the mc and has to chase him back. dog blood for days.... more>>
13 Series 3 Comments 15858 Views 70 Follows Mar 2, 2023 Leebadeeb
Regretful male leads, some crying and begging, but not super toxic relationships. The best juicy regret.... more>>
65 Series 30 Comments 15907 Views 47 Follows Feb 22, 2023 DemonGodSimp
She said we are good friends, so I resisted the desire to hold her hand. But when she raised her head and looked at me with bright round eyes, I felt that my heart was no longer beating.... more>>
59 Series 0 Comments 20517 Views 61 Follows Feb 18, 2023 VenRayne
For the nights where we lay down the bed, seeking solace in angst stories.
18 Series 0 Comments 3549 Views 11 Follows Feb 12, 2023 xnoodles-sshi
There is one kind of love – I love you, and this has nothing to do with you, but I love you.There is another kind of love – I hate you, and I will never love you, but I will follow you in your death.... more>>
28 Series 0 Comments 3096 Views 5 Follows Jan 13, 2023 Lovelybutter
1) This list is in order..... more>>
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