Shy Characters

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Whether it’s starting off as a fan or unrequited love, this list contains characters that were able to be in a relationship with their admirers.... more>>
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As title says Lesbian/gl/yuri novels list with science baby/magic biological child between two women (no futa means women with men's organ or women turning into men/men turn into women or child other biological parent being a random sperm donor)... more>>
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This list is for people, like me, who are tired of romance and just want to read a good story.
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I've seen so much scum or no-personslity type of Male Leads these days so here are some MLs that are/have: personality, respectfulness and actually feels... more>>
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What can I say, Im a sucker for gentle/sweet MLs. No assault, he is never particularly cold to her, and double points if people around... more>>
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Novels that fit my tastes but unfortunately either: ... more>>
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The ones you can't put down and the ones you frequently think about
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Ranking the female leads in chestnut's (Ban Lizi) novels, I have only finished 4 of her novels so far and reading the 5th one right... more>>
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Novels chosen based on my preferences. Includes completed and ongoing series.... more>>