Special Abilities

5 Series 0 Comments 1392 Views 1 Follows Aug 26, 2021 guwon
May or may not have overpowered protagonists. Their backstories and personalities sometimes hit way too close to home that I feel as if the author is doing this as a personal threat to my life. You'll have your everyday dose of the sacrificial bastard™ as well, wouldn't you like that?... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 582 Views 1 Follows Aug 21, 2021 JustAGirlNamedAstrid
Just me compiling the stories I've read, currently reading, and my soon to be read novels <3
2 Series 0 Comments 715 Views 1 Follows Jul 17, 2021 Y0LT
Novels I have read or am reading, which include skills, level/game system and/or reincarnation, basically isekai, or just some kind of a similar fantasy setting. It also includes my score for them and what I thought about them which might include slight spoilers(sorry), some 'reviews' are shorter either because i didn't have much to say about them or just because I forgot about them, I was reading novels before i made this account and list, so i've forgotten what i liked, disliked and what took place inside them. Mostly Korean and a few Japanese novels, I haven't and don't plan on reading any Chinese novels, i honestly can't understand the cultivation and divinity thing most... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 966 Views 0 Follows Jul 16, 2021 NicholeNekko
Would love to receive suggestions for this list! Thank you!
53 Series 0 Comments 9393 Views 27 Follows Jul 3, 2021 AeRukki_
I'm really into Quick transmigration so you can find most of them here. I'm also really vain (it ain't a good thing so I'm trying... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 884 Views 1 Follows Apr 15, 2021 Ruaan
These are some of the novels I've been reading. Nearly all of them have male protagonists. If you enjoy shounen reads with a dash of fantasy and occasional game elements, I would suggest you go through it. ... more>>
5 Series 3 Comments 5386 Views 8 Follows Apr 12, 2021 Dada
- Modern-day setting (90s timeframe might be included on some)... more>>
99 Series 0 Comments 15196 Views 21 Follows Feb 19, 2021 AkaneSS
Action, Adventure and Advance. The triple AAA that the following novels have in my opinion^^.Irregular updates but you are welcome to recomend and I will... more>>
51 Series 5 Comments 17929 Views 27 Follows Feb 2, 2021 ShadowGeM
A few hidden gems ... others not so much but all of them totally worth the read.   ... more>>
98 Series 2 Comments 34908 Views 96 Follows Jan 23, 2021 JamaisVu13
Exam Time, Going Off for now. I'll update the list later if there are new novels by then with same genre.... more>>
55 Series 2 Comments 15706 Views 68 Follows Jan 14, 2021 xXLicorneXx
Ended up falling by mistake into the world of cultivation's cauldron. Didn't gain any superpowers sadly, just a good old mundane high from it. Particularly for cultivation novels with a female MC. Looking for more.... more>>
99 Series 8 Comments 37048 Views 90 Follows Dec 30, 2020 AkaneSS
Action, Adventure and Advance. The triple AAA that the following novels have in my opinion^^.... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 4035 Views 9 Follows Dec 26, 2020 churanfairy
levelling up along with an adventure | mc becomes op sooner or later on | i'll put some signs for each story and read if... more>>
75 Series 0 Comments 289 Views 0 Follows Dec 9, 2020 helbramfairy
I highly recommend these novels!... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 5331 Views 12 Follows Nov 8, 2020 PenelopeEckart_
Some of the novels listed have snusnu moments. Huehue.=>... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1865 Views 2 Follows Nov 2, 2020 fairyfloss3607
zombies and end of the world and stuff yk uwu 
63 Series 0 Comments 6118 Views 16 Follows Oct 6, 2020 Stonevast
Novels chosen based on my preferences. Includes completed and ongoing series.... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 1909 Views 3 Follows Sep 24, 2020 Luxican
Novels of different genres, Romance, Horror, Xianxia, Fantasy, BL, Supernatural... 
47 Series 0 Comments 5059 Views 29 Follows Sep 19, 2020 Melange
Overflow list of series that I think are worth a read, not in any particular order
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