Special Abilities

71 Series 0 Comments 430 Views 2 Follows Mar 1, 2024 Kakipii13
You know this genre. People awaken superpowers and are called Hunters or Players, and also there are gates to other dimensions and/or a tower where each floor is a dungeon. May also include beings from other dimensions who started this nonsense for their own self-interests.... more>>
43 Series 0 Comments 291 Views 3 Follows Feb 28, 2024 LazyWitch5611
A list of mostly apocalyptic bl genre novels. Easy to look for in one place
17 Series 0 Comments 316 Views 0 Follows Feb 28, 2024 blacklotus__
- protagonist is given a second chance (cooking, business, corporate, etc)... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 286 Views 0 Follows Feb 18, 2024 coconi
mundo omegaverse! 
22 Series 0 Comments 1708 Views 2 Follows Jan 4, 2024 Kewind_nu
A collection of stories I’ve read ranging from historical, fantasy, sci-fi, modern, demon realm, or a slice of life that will have a satisfying ending.... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 2799 Views 5 Follows Oct 26, 2023 malberta
This is a list of novels I've read and thoroughly enjoyed enough to read a couple of times. Most of them are completed. Although I... more>>
42 Series 0 Comments 2300 Views 14 Follows Oct 9, 2023 Yumiko88
Mostly about Transmigrated, Rebirth, Apocalypse, Interstellar, Sci-fi, farming, Cooking, High school lifeps. I only read HE novels. Dog blood novels are not my cup of... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 741 Views 9 Follows Sep 28, 2023 JamaisVu13
I'll update the list later if there are new novels by then with same genre.In random order. ... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 904 Views 3 Follows Sep 22, 2023 Cixivy
✔️ complete (Translated/MTL)... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 2673 Views 19 Follows Aug 30, 2023 oLiveUzer
My favorite BL web novels about the zombie apocalypse.
Mello reading danmei
12 Series 0 Comments 1347 Views 3 Follows Aug 19, 2023 Mello reading danmei
These are my favorite ABO novels. I prefer stories with healthy and respectful relationships, where MCs are not your stereotypical Alpha and Omega, and their love is not based on pheromones and forceful marks. I don't enjoy noncon or dubcon smut. Both parties should be consensual and active participants. Any type of pairing is welcome, but I've mostly read AO.  ... more>>
51 Series 2 Comments 13372 Views 29 Follows Jun 17, 2023 PerfectPanda02
Sometimes, romance and the many love interests make good novels mediocre or rubbish, so this list has the top novels that either don't have romance at all, just bromance or some romance but no harem.... more>>
8 Series 1 Comments 3632 Views 9 Follows Jun 9, 2023 AlthaKhalee
Here's a list of awesome novels about showbiz, entertainment, idols, celebrities, acting, and music, all with male protagonist. I've ranked them based on my personal faves. There won't be any romance, but if there happens to be any, it will only be of minor significance. ... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 3875 Views 8 Follows May 21, 2023 relian
Good survival/horror/game danmei
4 Series 1 Comments 602 Views 3 Follows Apr 25, 2023 Marbear
BL with more dark undertones to the plot.  (But don't worry there's a HE) 
2 Series 0 Comments 552 Views 0 Follows Apr 14, 2023 Magicflier
No description.
12 Series 1 Comments 1548 Views 8 Follows Mar 14, 2023 l.onely_1
not necessarily BL. full of action, adventure, mystery, horror, and complex world-building. heads up, these guys are usually pretty long so be prepared and do... more>>
42 Series 0 Comments 8096 Views 28 Follows Mar 14, 2023 l.onely_1
a list of my favorite BL web novels that I recommend to just about anyone. even if you aren't a fujoshi like the rest of... more>>
48 Series 2 Comments 6980 Views 31 Follows Mar 12, 2023 krispykakes44
Just the good stuff I’ve read over the years. Fair warning, it is mostly danmei. I’ll try my best to read other genres.... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 3858 Views 9 Follows Mar 10, 2023 Baiyu
MC is in a zombie Apocalypse, where they have abilities and stuff, lots of op MC's. Stuff I'm done reading with a zombie Apocalypse settings.... more>>
80 Series 0 Comments 9093 Views 54 Follows Mar 1, 2023 AkaYaoke
List of my Read and To-Read novels categorized roughly as Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Fantasy... more>>
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