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26 Series 0 Comments 2943 Views 13 Follows Nov 5, 2019 Farid_san
I kind of picky on reading some novels. I dont like angst , abusive, rapist, or annoying character. So these are a few novels with some good plot and mainly consist with interesting MC and good ML i could find here for now. Note that the novels here are randomly listed, and also these are only novels i've read until now. There's still many good BL novels in my reading list but i still haven't got the chances to read it yet.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1269 Views 1 Follows Oct 25, 2019 Puddgin
Recommended novels that I personally love! The tags below show my preferences and what you can expect to see in this list (will be updating... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 1855 Views 8 Follows Oct 23, 2019 thypsychotic
Yeah, basically what it says on the tin. BL novels with couples who have relationships that are just really nice and good. I'm try to... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 629 Views 2 Follows Oct 18, 2019 rere_86
Who says all BL novels are PWP?  Who says BL means no character development, no plot, no world-building?... more>>
31 Series 0 Comments 4783 Views 7 Follows Oct 9, 2019 dreamlike
Favorite romance novels that left a deep impression on me and that I wish that I could always re-read it as new.
4 Series 0 Comments 1296 Views 2 Follows Oct 7, 2019 fiminkio
I'm sick of trash ML. I want to read novel which ML loves MC from the start, not bcs she suddenly changed. I hate when... more>>
65 Series 0 Comments 7915 Views 22 Follows Sep 30, 2019 whathaveieaten
Most of the novels here are complete.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 2306 Views 6 Follows Sep 21, 2019 infireation
Favorite romance novels that make me sad to part with. Most of them are completed and in a historical setting.
While I like indifferent or cruel MCs, I’m not really a fan of overly ruthless ones that resort to killing just because of a slight verbal insult.... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2669 Views 8 Follows Sep 21, 2019 infireation
It’s hard for me to really love a series to be honest so I’ll probably only add the ones that I would read over and over again.... more>>
59 Series 0 Comments 9799 Views 18 Follows Sep 8, 2019 Breads
This is my list of danmei novels that are worth giving a try.... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2549 Views 6 Follows Sep 7, 2019 CynicalStrawberry25
The title says it all. Other than that all these novels will have at least 10 chapters and most will involve a female mc, male... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 755 Views 1 Follows Sep 7, 2019 Maoyin
Just the novels I've read and love.
35 Series 0 Comments 19427 Views 68 Follows Sep 4, 2019 Sakuramae23
Novels that are sugary sweet and intense with borderline obsessive, crazy characters. ... more>>
62 Series 3 Comments 15521 Views 40 Follows Aug 25, 2019 Hmntlzn
Yep. No harem, polygamy, reverse harem.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 6202 Views 13 Follows Aug 20, 2019 dawna_aiko
My favs that I feel are a good read. All novels may not be villain girls 
62 Series 0 Comments 7377 Views 23 Follows Aug 17, 2019 Ayi
I think these stories are interesting. Will be enough to pass your time. ^?^
83 Series 0 Comments 17714 Views 76 Follows Aug 15, 2019 CynicalStrawberry25
All the novels in this list are fully translated or, in the case of two, close to fully translated romances with a female mc and... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 2855 Views 11 Follows Aug 14, 2019 bowe
BL novels I've read or am reading that I've thoroughly enjoyed.... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 754 Views 1 Follows Aug 14, 2019 eremedy
Great romance stories with nostalgic terms like 'ganking,' 'OP,' 'GG,' 'level cap,' 'lagging,' etc etc. These are stories where the MC will actually either be playing... more>>
11 Series 8 Comments 2192 Views 32 Follows Aug 9, 2019 fykle
If you're looking for bl without all the abuse. Please note that not all novels will be fluffy or without uncomfortable content, because this list instead focuses on the main couple and how they interact with each other (i.e. healthy main romance).... more>>
Alina Moktan
52 Series 1 Comments 15874 Views 47 Follows Aug 9, 2019 Alina Moktan
My favorite transmigration novel with strong, clever and calm female mc who transmigration into Ancient Times. All novel are recommended in here. This is for... more>>
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