Heavenly Tribulation

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I really enjoy reading historical/period set novels, whether they are xianxia, xuanhuan or wuxia. ... more>>
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I mostly read BL Chinese novels and I love them so much sooo I wanted to create a list in case I forgot some of... more>>
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✧◝ short but gold. give this list a shot :,)... more>>
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Keeping tracks of my reading list, some good, some remarkable, some dropped and some yet to pick up.
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Ended up falling by mistake into the world of cultivation's cauldron. Didn't gain any superpowers sadly, just a good old mundane high from it. Particularly for cultivation novels with a female MC. Looking for more.... more>>
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Here is the best Xianxia Novels in my opinion. Nothing much to say. I didn't count the novels that less than a hundred chapters.
Alina Moktan
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Favorites Good Cultivation Novel. It's Bittersweet, Funny, Fluffy, HE Xianxia Addicted Novel.