Long Separations

84 Series 0 Comments 8713 Views 27 Follows Aug 10, 2023 teddycoolness
This list includes soulmates, fated lovers who find themselves coming back to each other even after being separated. Involving reunited lovers and crushes, these couples... more>>
55 Series 31 Comments 10996 Views 46 Follows Aug 1, 2023 DemonGodSimp
Secret love. For some people, it is war and chaos; for others, it is a warm spring with flowers blooming.... more>>
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Just a list of my own personal favs. :) I prefer longer novels, and I’m a fan of slow burns.
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novels that I have read over and over again 
Summer Fish
18 Series 0 Comments 2072 Views 3 Follows Jan 13, 2023 Summer Fish
Romance / Slice Of Life BxG with Happy Ending that i already read, want to read, or still reading so far ~... more>>
33 Series 4 Comments 17731 Views 90 Follows Dec 8, 2022 Eueu
I adore MLs who are a bit wrong in the head and crazy obsessed with the MC. They can be insane in general or insane for the MC, but more on the latter! They may or may not be manipulative in general or towards the MC. ... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 2236 Views 1 Follows Aug 22, 2022 girlwrites27
Novels where the MC meets the ML and/or close friends before being separated and when they meet again later the ML/friends don’t recognize her, normally leading to them being jerks who regret when they find out who she really is.... more>>
77 Series 1 Comments 24666 Views 54 Follows Aug 4, 2022 marjoriequeen
Historical | Isekaid | went back to time | Divorce | Step Mom | Forbidden Love | One sided love... more>>
37 Series 0 Comments 6981 Views 45 Follows Mar 23, 2022 Rain12
Compilation of BL novels that I have read that contain angst, but they range from just making your heart twinge from the pain to making your heart bleed, heal it, then proceed to cut it open again, and heal it again. I'll arrange it from easy to nightmare mode according to MY perspective. My heart is quite puny, so what makes my heart twinge may not inflict anything to you. This is based on MY perspective. 
Mostly HE, but some are BE. I'll write a note on BE so that you don't fall into the trap of never ending heartache and suffering.... more>>
15 Series 10 Comments 10141 Views 46 Follows Nov 29, 2021 Tmicharie
Heart wretching and tears jerking novel which ML will regret it when FL leaves them.... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 1459 Views 11 Follows Nov 12, 2021 Cattelyn
List of angsty danmeis I've read and enjoyed, full of delicious, excruciating pain. Most of them are set in ancient times.
40 Series 0 Comments 2156 Views 6 Follows Nov 2, 2021 yellauraya
gays pining for their lovers? it's here! reading stories of yearning and waiting in the midst of their separation makes my heart melt... more>>
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Novels that made me cry a bucket of tears
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of everything that is ordinary but will invoke extraordinary feelings inside of you
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Got some interesting ones... Give it a try? This one will be wuxia and related to it, like cultivation elements, ancient china and maybe some... more>>
Cereal Is Life
9 Series 2 Comments 3450 Views 20 Follows Nov 13, 2020 Cereal Is Life
These are novels that I have completely read or is in the middle of reading with high anticipation. I do not regret reading them but... more>>
14 Series 14 Comments 49305 Views 78 Follows Jun 30, 2020 Kumoshiro
Due to misunderstandings ML causes MC's death and then ML realizes his mistakes and grieves for MC. Later MC rebirthes and ML start to pursue... more>>
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No description.
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Story where love makes its own making us lose important people.