Depictions of Cruelty

15 Series 0 Comments 3385 Views 4 Follows Jun 4, 2020 RR-2
This my favorite novel, some of them maybe under rated but it worth to read. maybe i add more another from my reading list. the... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 731 Views 1 Follows Jun 2, 2020 RR-2
this is of my list that the mc most likely alway misunderstand by his peers. the plot and the characters was so interesting. i like how mc react to the misunderstanding.... more>>
23 Series 1 Comments 1801 Views 8 Follows May 11, 2020 Leylia
Just as the title says. Just my personal favorites novels in the order that I love.
Imperial Ancient Dao
14 Series 0 Comments 4213 Views 12 Follows May 7, 2020 Imperial Ancient Dao
Well, the apathetic, ruthless and evil protagonists are very charismatic, so I will make a list with protagonists that will give you a different flavor !!... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1458 Views 1 Follows Apr 11, 2020 Absolute_Zer0
Have you ever thought "Ignorance is bliss" after reading novel? I had such thoight many times.
18 Series 2 Comments 6887 Views 27 Follows Nov 16, 2019 ShuRanRan
Not ranked in any particular order. Leads that make you root for evil
I am Mohjito
13 Series 0 Comments 4318 Views 20 Follows Aug 15, 2019 I am Mohjito
Looking at the MCs from a psychological point of view. Simply enjoyable reads with an MC who has a sickly/messed up mind.... more>>