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Thrash novels are too prevalent, that's why I made it easier for everyone and just made a list of in mea sentetia novels that actually do have great plot or those that stand out from their peers. These are the must reads. ... more>>
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My fav korean action novels over the years
25 Series 1 Comments 3512 Views 8 Follows Apr 15, 2020 delz
Mostly Completed Novels. Not romance centred, mostly cultivation based, apocalyptic or fantasy. Great to binge read, if your not too picky & just want to enjoy. Gave... more>>
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Just keeping everything in order. Most novels don't involve super scary horror.
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Stories that are truly high quality.
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Novels That I Read In Four Years and My Opinion!.
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The BL⚣ webnovels on here are masterpieces, no doubt. From the world setting, the plot and plot twists that you don't see coming, fleshed out side characters (a lot of them!) who have solid backstories and motivations and make you really care for them, to the main characters who suffer through so much before they get to bet together in the end and whose love grows to be virtually unshakeable, you can feel the dedication and work put into these stories. ... more>>
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Cuz I’m a sap and cried all over these ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽... more>>
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Main character starts off as, or eventually becomes, something beyond a mere mortal. For most of the novels in this list their existence in it... more>>
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Avid reader for a long time, some novels are not an amazing read but are really fun to read and have them moments. The list will be ranked, but its susceptible to the time at which i read them. Hope you like the list and if you want further reviewing on some novel, comment.... more>>
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This list was compiled from a veteran who has read over 50 million words on this website. The goal of the list is to help readers navigate through good and bad books. Generally, anything with the tag R-15 is a terrible novel. ... more>>
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Characters who end up accidentally becoming deities and have to deal with those annoyances that tend to worship them. Some try to keep the facade... more>>
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The are my favorite, and you may hate or like them. Please don't criticize. Pls.             ... more>>