Age Progression

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Basically its a list of all the stories where we get a mc who is transferred into either a otome or a shoujo manga and try to resist their predetermined fates. Fighting fate and finding love is a common theme. ... more>>
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This reading lists are for those people looking for diverse books that are fluffy, comedic, mysterious and romantic all at the same time
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Heeeey, you got too much free time.
I chose these works of fiction to keep you busy.... more>>
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Baby and little kid cuteness only! (no lolis, unless they're kiddie cute).  ONGOING LIST.... more>>
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Romance Novels worth reading even with MTL.  (Not sorted.)
 (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)
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Novels where one romantic partner raises or takes care of the other, usually from childhood.
Lumus Exmachina
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I have collected the few stories with reasonable & moral characters and character development. In most of these stories, the powers  MCs have are earned... more>>
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I fell in love with business farming novels with FL. I thought I would share it with u. ????... more>>