9 Series 0 Comments 339 Views 2 Follows Jan 28, 2024 Am_Lua2
No description.
58 Series 0 Comments 2610 Views 7 Follows Jan 26, 2024 sugar_baby_bitch
A compilation of novels by Citrus Aurora that I am currently reading, planning to read, or have read.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 1176 Views 8 Follows Jan 3, 2024 neverthepeach
I’ll keep adding to the list as I finished reading more novels ̴♡̴♡̴ (mostly power couples/ enemies to lovers/ morally questionable characters)
11 Series 0 Comments 876 Views 13 Follows Dec 31, 2023 celedonblu
Just as it says on the tin — a list of my favourite BL horror/unlimited flow novels that (1) kept me on the edge of my seat, and (2) have MCs with personalities containing more depth than a soy sauce dish.... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 5064 Views 32 Follows Dec 29, 2023 MiAmigo
Bl storys that can’t be counted as puppy love (these story’s are with barely any comedy and are more deemed as adult stories) so if... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1851 Views 7 Follows Dec 8, 2023 sithkazar
Novels that I am generally scared the female leads are going to be mu*dered by the male leads.
9 Series 0 Comments 998 Views 5 Follows Dec 8, 2023 Nameunkown
BL novels that I loved and will deffo read again. I know there are some well known novels which I won't be including in this... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 513 Views 2 Follows Dec 8, 2023 SweetDeluxe
Horror and Supernatural Genre Novels
13 Series 0 Comments 1230 Views 5 Follows Dec 6, 2023 syll_
unlimited flow danmei novels with survival elements, horror themes, and puzzle challenges that will surely make your brain hurt!
28 Series 0 Comments 1861 Views 20 Follows Dec 5, 2023 XingXuan
Nothing much, just all the unlimited-flow novels in my 250+ collection. <3
6 Series 0 Comments 1741 Views 12 Follows Jul 25, 2023 VanishingLily
Basically the title. The female protagonist transmigrated, reincarnated, or possessed a character in a horror game or story. ... more>>
51 Series 1 Comments 1991 Views 3 Follows Jul 23, 2023 Yewo---_---Piii-Chaann
I put a variety of novels that I personally enjoyed into this list. I'd say this is for you if want a surprise or well... more>>
10 Series 1 Comments 4318 Views 8 Follows Jun 24, 2023 luathas
Read these to raise your stress levels. You're welcome.... more>>
2 Series 1 Comments 599 Views 3 Follows Apr 25, 2023 Marbear
BL with more dark undertones to the plot.  (But don't worry there's a HE) 
44 Series 0 Comments 2207 Views 10 Follows Apr 6, 2023 StrawverryTae
Hi this is a collection of to-read list for me and my friends ( i read with my friends a lot so this is a to-read list for us)... more>>
91 Series 0 Comments 19358 Views 102 Follows Mar 9, 2023 wangfei
Everything I have read, I added to this list. BG? BL? No Romance? It's all here.... more>>
14 Series 3 Comments 1648 Views 6 Follows Mar 7, 2023 hereforthegoodstuff
My biased tastes, I would include perfect run, mother of learning, and the last orellen which are all on royal road. Also the cradle series. ... more>>
12 Series 1 Comments 1466 Views 10 Follows Mar 7, 2023 Moonlit
Good shit, 10/10 would recommend 
18 Series 0 Comments 1204 Views 10 Follows Feb 16, 2023 xueyue
This list includes some of the unlimited flow BL novels that I have read. It is ranked from my favorite to my least favorite (that does not mean I don't like it, it's just not as good as the others).... more>>
14 Series 1 Comments 4916 Views 29 Follows Jan 16, 2023 Cjiji
Some of them are not bl TT ! BUT they have the best comradeship and are sus...!! The author just wants to screw with us! 
26 Series 0 Comments 3011 Views 9 Follows Jan 9, 2023 love_lylaur
No particular order: contains yandere, obsessive male leads, some cub raising, lots of fluff, etc.
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