Interdimensional Travel

84 Series 0 Comments 4263 Views 5 Follows Aug 13, 2021 Sier
BL novels, diverse subgenres.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 622 Views 2 Follows Jul 10, 2021 VickyS
Basically created to help me organize and find faster the novels I've read. Don't know if it happens to anyone else, but I sometimes have... more>>
53 Series 0 Comments 8820 Views 26 Follows Jul 3, 2021 AeRukki_
I'm really into Quick transmigration so you can find most of them here. I'm also really vain (it ain't a good thing so I'm trying... more>>
61 Series 0 Comments 4248 Views 9 Follows Jun 17, 2021 Cerene
Welcome to my completed favorite gay smut. A few warnings: It's yaoi, MxM, FxF; most of it does have sexual content.
11 Series 2 Comments 1555 Views 3 Follows May 17, 2021 AngryattheAuthor
Title's a lie... In great sadness because it's now hard to find satisfactory food after reading the ones on the list uwu
38 Series 2 Comments 2142 Views 6 Follows Apr 28, 2021 Hwaa
So this list contain BL novel that i have read. Some of them maybe not to your taste. 
13 Series 2 Comments 10926 Views 35 Follows Apr 12, 2021 solivagantsoul
female MC  and multiple ML's .... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 6912 Views 9 Follows Mar 24, 2021 MrFurry
Also avoiding normal CN/KR cliches such as:... more>>
42 Series 3 Comments 17239 Views 39 Follows Jan 21, 2021 NightmareSeller
[BG] - [No CP]... more>>
29 Series 26 Comments 12890 Views 28 Follows Nov 11, 2020 NightmareSeller
[BG] - [No CP] more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 4914 Views 16 Follows Nov 11, 2020 NightmareSeller
Waiting list... more>>
54 Series 0 Comments 406 Views 1 Follows Sep 10, 2020 m0rph3uS
The stories that caught my attention and quite honestly, dragged me down this pit and refuses to let me go. I like the plot and characters of every single novel here. I'll probs add a comment to some when I have the time to spare.... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 5560 Views 10 Follows Aug 2, 2020 LadySayuri
1) Quick Transmigration - usually Unlimited flow (Trapped inside System. Continuous transmigration w/o returning to their real world). Forced to transmigrate to several different worlds to Act Roles &/or Complete Missions.... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 5646 Views 14 Follows Jul 29, 2020 LadySayuri
1) Transported or Reincarnated in a different world/realm/dimension/era (Including Novels & Games).... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 2315 Views 8 Follows Jul 28, 2020 LadySayuri
1) BL in Interstellar Setting... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 954 Views 6 Follows Jun 28, 2020 black_donut
The BL novels with the excellent plot. To the point it is sad that it is BL, because you can't just force everyone you know... more>>
100 Series 11 Comments 50573 Views 316 Follows Jun 23, 2020 takame
❗I MTL so I GOT RAW LINKS! click "more>>" on the corresponding title... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1033 Views 1 Follows May 14, 2020 lilianeennes
There are some that don't only are romantic but also have some exciting batle scenes and reflection about life and it's hardships and also some philosophy that i love so much, i'm up to protagonist that have weak physical strength but have a strong mindset and inteligent...i'm also up for the strong female protagonist that can help the male lead protagonist in the story as well... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 600 Views 0 Follows May 2, 2020 Pierariv
No description.
14 Series 2 Comments 5602 Views 25 Follows Apr 23, 2020 aliasluna
Are you addicted to Quick Transmigration? Well, say no more, because you're on the right list! This is my reading list of straight, heterosexual BxG Quick Transmigration novels, with no more than 2 arcs and above already translated! If you want to add something here, you're free to message me :D... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 1808 Views 6 Follows Apr 16, 2020 TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove
This is part 2 of my fluffy bl recommendation list, it has reach 100 novels and that's the limit so I made a second list.... more>>
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