Reincarnated in Another World

100 Series 17 Comments 28048 Views 70 Follows Apr 13, 2020 memed
Isekais are fun reads when done right, cringey when generic, and horrible when done wrong.... more>>
19 Series 4 Comments 6256 Views 9 Follows Apr 4, 2020 Duckfero
It's a list where the MC is the strongest in the world... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 77 Views 0 Follows Apr 4, 2020 NixQueen
Lol when you suddenly die and end up in another world where you suddenly have another chance at life and you decide that you're gonna do this and that and suddenly you're all cool and stuff and everyone just really likes to praise everything you do and then suddenly... suddenly you die. And then you wake up again and realize it's all just a dream.. A dream come true lol, you're still in another world. ... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 3346 Views 6 Follows Apr 1, 2020 annah
I got bored of the typical male lead Chinese light novels and discovered the otome reincarnation stories. It has been all downhill from then. Please... more>>
64 Series 0 Comments 35217 Views 98 Follows Mar 28, 2020 Sweettia1
Stories with a villainess or aristocracy focus. European setting.
Unfinished with currently less than 40 chapters, but more than 10 chapters.... more>>
68 Series 0 Comments 34246 Views 123 Follows Mar 22, 2020 Sweettia1
Stories with a villainess or aristocracy focus. European setting.Unfinished with more than 40 chapters or completed novels.... more>>
93 Series 0 Comments 20016 Views 30 Follows Mar 22, 2020 Sweettia1
Transmigration in historical setting.... more>>
92 Series 2 Comments 14436 Views 45 Follows Feb 28, 2020 chrysanthenum
Books that I want to read - In no particular order (⌒▽⌒)☆... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1982 Views 1 Follows Feb 18, 2020 Meecosh
I mainly like fantasy series and have no beef with isekai. The bottom line for a novel to be listed here is if it's quite... more>>
65 Series 0 Comments 20427 Views 28 Follows Feb 18, 2020 panpanda22
No description.
10 Series 0 Comments 8234 Views 4 Follows Jan 16, 2020 kevinmul
If you like this, we really have similar taste.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 3980 Views 17 Follows Jan 14, 2020 fucn.basic
Basically its a list of all the stories where we get a mc who is transferred into either a otome or a shoujo manga and try to resist their predetermined fates. Fighting fate and finding love is a common theme. ... more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 4248 Views 5 Follows Jan 14, 2020 BanetheCatman
A couple of isekai and fantasy novels that I enjoy (this means there won't be any bad ratings by me) not in any particular order.... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 11467 Views 19 Follows Jan 4, 2020 CaptainMorgan
I only read translations and some of these LNs have already started adaptation in manga or anime.... more>>
68 Series 2 Comments 5263 Views 13 Follows Dec 29, 2019 cosmicpeach
The novels in this list are not only the novels in my TOP Best Novel, so I will include whether I have completed reading it or not, dropped it or not, and what rate I would rate it from 1-5 Stars.... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 2344 Views 12 Follows Dec 8, 2019 pseuds
cute romance novels but only female leads
20 Series 7 Comments 14702 Views 29 Follows Nov 26, 2019 slimeholder
No slow/beta protagonists, no slice of life.... more>>
97 Series 1 Comments 19383 Views 46 Follows Nov 14, 2019 hooku27
when you're tired of going through every upload to see which synopsis tickles your fancy, you decide to kill time by creating a recommendation list until new uploads come out... but for real these are some good ones to read if you're a person of good taste ... more>>
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