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Modern FL raising little buns and having a lovely family. 
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This is basically just a list of my favorite uncompletely translated novels. I'm waiting for this novel to be completely translated before reading it
August Moelski
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Here are some Titles that I just really enjoyed reading as well as catching up to whenever they update. I suppose this is less thematic... more>>
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Roughly did the ranking... more>>
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Strong MC and a good man like ML 
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This is the cute and fluffy list, it is filled with mostly modern romance novels, adorable children, and familial relationships turning over a new leaf.
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This includes rebirth, transmigration, everything. Includes fluffy, revenge, usual stuff. I've finished readign everything here
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Novels where the main character becomes a parent, usually via procreation but also sometimes via adoption. Adoption-style stories are starting to take over this list... more>>