82 Series 0 Comments 929 Views 2 Follows Jun 17, 2022 Missyinemin
Most of them i already read or i started but not in the end because at that time its still on going or i find... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2389 Views 4 Follows Mar 23, 2022 Brigtter
Novels with lovely and cute children, adoption, childhood, pregnancy, daily life, family relationships, growth, mother/father/child relationship etc... more>>
9 Series 1 Comments 3667 Views 16 Follows Mar 20, 2022 Baiyu
Collection of books where the MC is a Mermaid.... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 4114 Views 26 Follows Mar 2, 2022 fleur_Hasta
↷ ·˚ ༘ s e t t i n g : historical and modern fiction times .°୭ ˎˊ˗↷
99 Series 0 Comments 23059 Views 68 Follows Feb 17, 2022 Alaa979.
Yoai Transmigration /mpreg/child Care/cute proganist ... more>>
13 Series 2 Comments 5346 Views 31 Follows Feb 16, 2022 Sista777
15 Series 0 Comments 12358 Views 50 Follows Feb 14, 2022 _EyeCandy_
This list is kinda like "lovers reunited" where FL runs away or breaks up or asks for a divorce and FL wants to stay away from ML ... more>>
99 Series 6 Comments 28776 Views 117 Follows Feb 4, 2022 Alaa979.
if any one have another suggestion like them please tell me in the comments , I want to read a new one so bad.... more>>
37 Series 2 Comments 16345 Views 6 Follows Dec 17, 2021 VastCosmos
Esses são meus romances chineses favoritos e resolvi criar essa lista para quem procura romances chineses
14 Series 0 Comments 1066 Views 0 Follows Nov 13, 2021 nayeliaaliyah
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novels i’ve finished reading
Daoist Ghoul
45 Series 0 Comments 13037 Views 35 Follows Nov 5, 2021 Daoist Ghoul
"I'm willing to become the stone bridge."... more>>
43 Series 3 Comments 8174 Views 100 Follows Oct 24, 2021 takame
❗MTL army! I GOT RAW LINKS. click "more>>" on the corresponding title... more>>
80 Series 0 Comments 47204 Views 172 Follows Sep 22, 2021 raphthalia23
Transmigrations about Cultivation, farming and with cute little kids. Ger, Ge'er, Omega and etc. gender most of it. Male to male relationship and a doting ML to MC and vice versa.  At the bottom of this list I have put some "no transmigration, its more modern story" but still an Mpreg and there's also omegaverse and rebirth. ... more>>
43 Series 3 Comments 47717 Views 108 Follows Sep 14, 2021 Lectoraxs
This is a list containing novels where MC transmigrated - went back into china... (Like in 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's).... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 6764 Views 35 Follows Sep 8, 2021 07-Tail
# Boy's Love... more>>
16 Series 8 Comments 9251 Views 75 Follows Aug 28, 2021 lavendidi
This is my list of novels where in that particular world, there are Gers, men who can give birth and have a mark in the middle of their forehead/ in between their brows (in some settings the mark of ger is located either on wrist or on the arm and sometimes it is shaped like a flower). It's somehow the same with Omegaverse BUT without the pheromones and all, so no ABO. These mostly contains novels in ancient times and gers may be referred as 'bio', 'moye', or other names.... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 7521 Views 7 Follows Aug 28, 2021 Jay304
lo mejor de lo mejor, no te arrepentirás de leer
81 Series 0 Comments 10163 Views 13 Follows Aug 27, 2021 MaddieYurei
Most of the novels here are read already some aren't. The ones with the hearts are the best ones for my opinion. I'm too lazy... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 6433 Views 0 Follows Aug 23, 2021 Townharvest
Absolutely 100% no doubt hentai novel
rotten anna
28 Series 0 Comments 227 Views 1 Follows Aug 21, 2021 rotten anna
These are some of the stories where it has cute buns in it.... more>>
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