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Just a list of BL novels that seem interesting and might want to give a go
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No specific order between top 3 and bottom 2, contains novels that are not so possessive but doting to boarder line locking up. Only has completed novels since I don't like to start things that aren't finished. ... more>>
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Novels where the MC is reincarnated/ transmigrated/possessed/transported into a Dating Sim/Novel/Game world as a character or something similar to that.... more>>
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My list of Korean Romance Novels with Possesive and Obsessive Characters. Ehem! Be warn!... more>>
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Hello! I really love reading online novels especially when the genre is YAOI ofc and i will keep adding to update you guys some amazing... more>>
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At first i didn't like CN novel bcs it's hard to me read the MC/FL/ML name  but, after i read this several novel it's looks... more>>
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No description.