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all the mermen~  ... more>>
Zena Chan
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A LIST OF KOREAN NOVELS MOSTLY FILLED WITH ACademy troupe with a little bit of different ones for a change of pace. Still most of... more>>
Thousand Vangs
72 Series 2 Comments 14650 Views 19 Follows Apr 6, 2022 Thousand Vangs
Big world, many races, crafting, and travelling. There are exciting moments, funny moments,  even boring moments, finding hidden treasures in a side road shop, heart thumping moments when you met with formidable foes, feeling the vastness of the world as you gaze at the world map, feeling the cultures of locals, fortunate encounters.... more>>
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Series with either the MC or the ML as a merman/merfolk/siren or fish person (to a degree)... more>>
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Mostly XUANHUAN or INTERSTELLAR Fantasy~... more>>
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Female Human with Male Monster suitor. Monster as in an actual type of creature, not some sort of nickname they picked up. HEADS UP list... more>>
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Catboys, fox demons, inukami and beastkin. Cute ears, cute tails. Some NSFW, some just fluffy. Literally and emotionally. All titles rated 4 stars or higher. 
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Combinations of these:... more>>
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Estás son las novelas qe qe me gustaron y algunas qe me parecieron interesantes.