Stoic Characters

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Im in love with Xianxia world full ONLY Boys love.... more>>
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Characters that should under all circumstances be locked up or go to therapy immediately / characters that when speaking crazy and acting hysterical take it all as if one was hitting a pillow. ... more>>
Aelora Franz
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Novels with or without transmigration and reincarnation recipe in the modern setting. 
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Sharing works that I've read & enjoyed that contain major characters that are neurodivergent-coded, or which I interpret/headcanon as being neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD or CPTSD... more>>
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No just ML and FL and antagonists only, who are painfully dependent on each other to build the plot. No BG, no CP, no BL,... more>>
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The best novels that I have read and that I have fallen in love with, most often it is bl (don't like ladies in trouble) 
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novels that I want to read, which will definitely be of interest (tags what I expect) ... more>>
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BL- Rational , sensible, matured, balanced & doting MLs