Sep 15, 2023
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16 Series 0 Comments 534 Views 0 Follows Jul 6, 2024 straystar
this is NOT a recommendation list. this is me unrecommending these novels so u don't waste ur time xx... more>>
39 Series 0 Comments 4639 Views 26 Follows May 16, 2024 straystar
looked through my other lists and realized I've been severely obsessed with Chinese novels recently... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 711 Views 1 Follows Apr 28, 2024 straystar
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there will be no pattern to these btw. it could go from lung-destroying comedy to stomach-sickening angst, from childcare to family-massacre, etc xx ... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 169 Views 0 Follows Dec 23, 2023 straystar
novels i'll go back to after they're completed/translatable/whatever reason I have to not read currently... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 3805 Views 13 Follows Dec 21, 2023 straystar
Novels where there isn't any reincarnation, time-travel, or anything like that. Tbh this list might not be that long since most novels I read are... more>>
70 Series 1 Comments 4172 Views 15 Follows Oct 3, 2023 straystar
this list will have transmigrations, reincarnations, possession, time-travel, second/third/multiple lives, regression---just anything of that sort<3... more>>
60 Series 2 Comments 21847 Views 83 Follows Sep 23, 2023 straystar
novels from a phase where I refused to read anything where kids aren't involved. Whether it's mc taking care of a child, or mc being the child!... more>>
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