Age Regression

12 Series 0 Comments 3141 Views 2 Follows Aug 1, 2022 sandro530
Novels I read and which I think are high-tier.
11 Series 0 Comments 2601 Views 4 Follows Jul 12, 2022 genmahla
I read a lot of different things but in this website mostly Romance, Fantasy,  Reincarnation/Trasmigration, bl(not so much), etc.... more>>
37 Series 0 Comments 1115 Views 0 Follows Jul 4, 2022 Hyunjinsoda
Korean webnovels. A beautiful middle ground between the endlessly long chinese novels that are always 1.5k chapters plus, and the short but sweet traditional novels... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 4328 Views 12 Follows Jun 30, 2022 Mystiqueeee
The setting of all the stories under this reading list, regardless of their genres, is Modern China.... more>>
59 Series 2 Comments 9554 Views 15 Follows Jun 29, 2022 ryuff
novel's that i finished so here's the list
yes i know everyone has a different taste.... more>>
68 Series 3 Comments 9364 Views 21 Follows Jun 16, 2022 Missyinemin
Dropped , Ongoing , starting to trastlate and last but not the least novels that translators forgot to visit.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1537 Views 0 Follows May 31, 2022 dragonulera
These are the works that I enjoyed the most. I believe they are gems that must be read.
8 Series 0 Comments 2392 Views 9 Follows May 18, 2022 syukireader
Mostly has light novels with minimum or zero romance with an MC that either transmigrates or regresses, or finds themselves possessing a body. 
100 Series 0 Comments 7719 Views 39 Follows Apr 20, 2022 bonnie_bagel
Mostly about MC transmigration into a cannon fodder tropes. Rebirth, age regression and/or second chances to live their lives and getting revenge from the white... more>>
64 Series 0 Comments 15088 Views 32 Follows Mar 5, 2022 shadow83
male mc with no romance that could interfere with the plot _ maybe bromance? _ there are hunters , another world and things like that.... more>>
32 Series 0 Comments 7718 Views 24 Follows Mar 1, 2022 girlwrites27
Our precious, protect them at all costs, little cinnamon roll kiddo protagonists. (Someone please give them a hug)... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 4429 Views 8 Follows Feb 19, 2022 kookerist
Greatest of All Time (in my opinion). KR & JP novels I've enjoyed. Mostly villainess, isekai/rebirth/regression tropes.... more>>
52 Series 0 Comments 4262 Views 25 Follows Feb 5, 2022 bonnie_bagel
My KR BL list is still growing since its a new domain of interest for me. 
24 Series 0 Comments 27993 Views 65 Follows Jan 19, 2022 Xenon_yttrium
Rated-R Novels that will blown your mind and will make you wet. 
20 Series 0 Comments 18032 Views 23 Follows Jan 18, 2022 ColdKarma
As the title says this is a list made entirely of Korean novels with elements of Murim.... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 5628 Views 8 Follows Dec 18, 2021 moonie12
honestly this is a list of novels I've read that I can't really decide where to put it....... more>>
The Apostle slayer
55 Series 0 Comments 4151 Views 4 Follows Dec 16, 2021 The Apostle slayer
This is my ln/wn list that i've read so far. This list is sorted by order of the novels that i think are fun to... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 6435 Views 3 Follows Nov 21, 2021
just some k- novels on my list I want to read one day. I am waiting till some of them got at least 30 chapters... more>>
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