Easy Going Life

11 Series 0 Comments 546 Views 1 Follows May 18, 2020 Omled
Light read. Slife of life stuffs.... more>>
Tofu Cat
54 Series 1 Comments 5195 Views 10 Follows Oct 25, 2019 Tofu Cat
ALL THE BOOKS IVE EVER READ and remembered to add to this list will be here... more>>
15 Series 4 Comments 10489 Views 26 Follows Sep 9, 2019 VBS
List of JP Isekai WNs & LNs that are fun to read.
I like stories about protagonists who defy common sense, but aim for a fun and/or easygoing life in another world.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 3259 Views 12 Follows Sep 8, 2019 rn_flac
Shoujo isekai novels with light plot. No angst, no drama (maybe slight?), no deep plot, just fluff and comedy. 
10 Series 1 Comments 2092 Views 1 Follows Sep 5, 2019 dtfyg
The novels I enjoyed the most throughout the thousands of novels I've read on this site. Tried to include every type, will update as I... more>>
19 Series 7 Comments 3560 Views 22 Follows Aug 25, 2019 Delorra
Tired of harem/romance ruining the plot? Check these out!... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 2419 Views 6 Follows Aug 13, 2019 raysha18
Novels i read to pass the time. Nothing too heavy.