Easy Going Life

3 Series 0 Comments 239 Views 0 Follows Apr 14, 2024 GibeHug_
List of all the novels I've translated. I hope everyone enjoyed my translations.
16 Series 1 Comments 256 Views 0 Follows Feb 28, 2024 YEOBO
BL. Yaoi. Gay. Shounen Ai. ... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 3991 Views 25 Follows Feb 27, 2024 selene15crystal
I have read some of them, but not all . They are slow life no harem, no big dramas,some to none romance. Some are BG,Bl,Gl,... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1645 Views 0 Follows Feb 18, 2024 Zimtschneckennn
Novels that you would spend the night reading as it is really fun 
32 Series 0 Comments 3281 Views 8 Follows Feb 7, 2024 xxsan
Just chill and relax while reading the stories on this list. No need to use your brain cells and read with peace of mind. So damn tired of dramas on the other novels that it gaves me headache.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 432 Views 0 Follows Jan 21, 2024 TrashDiver
Fluffy reads, less then 100 chapters long. 
6 Series 0 Comments 1452 Views 3 Follows Nov 22, 2023 ReaderEli
Op but doesn't really want to stand out.
Takes action ONLY when REALLY NEEDED 
36 Series 2 Comments 8435 Views 11 Follows May 10, 2023 PerfectPanda02
Don't you just love reading novels about delicious food of any sort and drooling over the description or the pictures. I do! ... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 547 Views 1 Follows Apr 18, 2023 Lione
No description.
62 Series 0 Comments 1219 Views 6 Follows Feb 13, 2023 Agare_bon
Still in infancy, will gradually be many in the future, adding here after I read
28 Series 1 Comments 4535 Views 6 Follows Dec 6, 2022 Sasi23
These are all which I found good to read at the end of the day. These are all completed ones.... more>>
9 Series 1 Comments 9369 Views 18 Follows Jul 29, 2022 ReaderMcWriter
Whenever I start getting a bit burnt out from reading all my high stakes, deep plot xianxia stories, I like to come to novels like these to just relax, turn my brain off and recharge.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1948 Views 1 Follows Jul 18, 2022 ms.not-so-subtle
Novels that i've completely read to pass the time. No major drama to look forward to but nevertheless entertaining to read. 
25 Series 0 Comments 16955 Views 36 Follows Apr 20, 2022 stargirlfall
4 Series 0 Comments 191 Views 0 Follows Mar 3, 2022 Nely
My ultimate list of misunderstandings/rebirths/reincarnations/reverse-time or what ever you might call.
25 Series 1 Comments 4281 Views 14 Follows Jan 30, 2022 Xylia125
Hidden gems that I wish I found earlier! ... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 11789 Views 31 Follows Dec 5, 2021 sheenachandrab
A collection of warm novels with zero toxicity that will act as a respite for your lonely heart, cure your depression and restore your faith... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 3326 Views 22 Follows Jul 25, 2021 Kaparin
This list is mainly for almost to established (ongoing) relationships. Some non-established are listed as it is quick to develop without any awkwardness.... more>>
81 Series 0 Comments 14694 Views 23 Follows May 19, 2021 Bamboocha
I will add short descriptions to each novel in the next weeks. Most stuff is fantasy and also isekai type but there are also stories that are just fantasy without isekai and rare fantasy in our current world. I didn't include chinese novels as there is no filter options for the lists so I will make a new list in the future for it. Titles are not sorted by best to worst, maybe in the future.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 4331 Views 9 Follows Apr 16, 2021 Unknoewy
Complete easy read. Some might have incomplete translation but I read complete mtl one. It either have no or what I personally consider almost zero conflict. The mc can either be a rational one or overthinking one.... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 7507 Views 7 Follows Mar 9, 2021 Chronokeeper2020
It is lists of stories where the main character or stories mainly revolves around the cooking or agricultural farming and there related products. So they may or may not be lighthearted but if you want to read a story related to food in your free time. This may be the right list for your entertainment.... more>>
100 Series 38 Comments 57174 Views 152 Follows Feb 27, 2021 Jewellia97
(There's a second list, just add a 2 to the name of this list and you'll find it) ... more>>
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