Modern Day

66 Series 74 Comments 38402 Views 142 Follows May 24, 2021 hotpotathoe
BG modern romance : NO rebirth / NO transmigration ... more>>
80 Series 71 Comments 17463 Views 98 Follows Dec 4, 2022 DemonGodSimp
The book said, I will take 99 steps towards you and you only need to take the remaining one step. But no need. I will run all one hundred steps and you don't have to do anything, just stand there and wait for me. ... more>>
57 Series 42 Comments 15836 Views 101 Follows Aug 20, 2023 DemonGodSimp
If you don't have a home, then I'll give you a home. If you don't have any relatives, then I'll give you plenty of children. We'll have lots of kids and when they grow up and have family of their own, we'll have even more children. That way, you'll have a big family and plenty of loved ones.... more>>
70 Series 40 Comments 25769 Views 98 Follows Jan 13, 2023 DemonGodSimp
Combination of arranged marriage/marriage of convenience/flash marriage that I have read. ... more>>
60 Series 39 Comments 21676 Views 99 Follows Mar 5, 2023 DemonGodSimp
At what age does a person have to be before his love can be justified?... more>>
78 Series 39 Comments 9384 Views 43 Follows Dec 31, 2022 DemonGodSimp
"Fate is really wonderful, it never waits for anyone. If you had turned back, maybe we would have started something; but if you missed an intersecting road, we would have drifted away."... more>>
27 Series 39 Comments 17555 Views 37 Follows Jan 27, 2022 sandchii
i'd just like to share some cute romance novels i really enjoyed reading in no particular order <3... more>>
65 Series 36 Comments 19946 Views 64 Follows Feb 22, 2023 DemonGodSimp
She said we are good friends, so I resisted the desire to hold her hand. But when she raised her head and looked at me with bright round eyes, I felt that my heart was no longer beating.... more>>
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You don't have to humble anyone, and you don't have to think that this chance is a pie dropped by the heaven. This is the glory that originally belonged to you, but now, it is back in your hands.... more>>
55 Series 32 Comments 18270 Views 88 Follows Aug 1, 2023 DemonGodSimp
Secret love. For some people, it is war and chaos; for others, it is a warm spring with flowers blooming.... more>>
98 Series 27 Comments 58750 Views 202 Follows Sep 14, 2020 Sleep-deprived-enthusiast
Sequence is CN- JP- KR- Fluffy- (Comedy)- Exceptions- To-reads. Not ranked by number. 
My descriptions varies greatly from a gist, polished review, impressions, or explains key points.        ... more>>
77 Series 21 Comments 44421 Views 81 Follows Jul 23, 2022 Addictedtoreading
This list contains stories on my reading lists where MC or someone else important in the story was switched at birth or the family replaced real child with a fake one later on. In most of these stories the biological family does not treat MC right. In cases where MC is replaced after birth the real child was usually either lost at young age or had a reason for replace the real child with a fake.... more>>
31 Series 19 Comments 58533 Views 113 Follows May 30, 2020 tallrice
There are so many amazing works that feature regressed MCs that are going through a second chance in management, corporate ladders, sports, cooking, etc. Definitely stronger list than the second chance in fantasy. Wanted to make a list that specifically targets this genre.... more>>
66 Series 19 Comments 15387 Views 69 Follows May 14, 2020 AnotherBoredPerson
I LOVE fluff romance. Most of novels that I read are heartwarming story. I dislike dog-bloody drama. A bit drama is okay, but if whole story filled with unnecessary drama and s*upid misunderstanding, I can't read it. So these are my list of fluffy romance.... more>>
36 Series 18 Comments 8152 Views 39 Follows Dec 14, 2022 DemonGodSimp
Do you know how good-looking you are? Walking around like this, no wonder you got mugged. If you encounter me, I'd rob you of your heart.... more>>
15 Series 16 Comments 11092 Views 58 Follows Dec 18, 2020 Haesu18
I searched everywhere for bromance WITHOUT romance, harem or the shitty romantic subplot tag . ... more>>
Alina Moktan
100 Series 15 Comments 350831 Views 1027 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Alina Moktan
If you are into sweet, funny and fluffy modern/Ancient Chinese novel with transmigration mc. I recommended you this new novel that mc transmigration into book... more>>
91 Series 14 Comments 54999 Views 86 Follows Jan 15, 2022 CasBrin
50s,60s,70s,80s,90,00,10s, that vintage nostalgic setting especially people reincarnating/transmigrating/rebirth. For the 10s...flip phones etc only if they have that retro setting feel. I'm excluding some harem... more>>
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This is to help my s*upid brain never regress further due to being addicted in reading novels with lack of common sense and questionable plot holes. And to also prevent myself from always having to lower my standard to the point of being brain dead.... more>>
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My translations
100 Series 12 Comments 11506 Views 134 Follows Mar 5, 2024 pointoverture
[Actively being updated.] Long reviews and personal ratings of some of the best BL novels here. Well-written stories, great plots, characters, etc. I have relatively high standards for these to be my favorites, so these are all really high quality, IMO. All of them also have very high ratings (4.3-4.8)... more>>
94 Series 12 Comments 89089 Views 294 Follows Mar 18, 2022 AmlRn
I'm a very picky reader who often skimmed through many chapters and sometimes wouldn't even read til the end, unless imo the novel is really, really that good. And this is my list of the best BxG romance with female protagonist and more than 4 ⭐ ratings.... more>>
94 Series 10 Comments 10593 Views 53 Follows Jul 1, 2020 solivagantsoul
A list with some of the best BL novels you'll find out here on NU.... more>>
100 Series 10 Comments 42131 Views 269 Follows Jun 13, 2020 Suranchan
Tried to find some top rated BL to read after LMW, but novels were all over the place, so here goes my attempt at collating them into one list.... more>>
Creepy motherhood
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 WARNING !  ... more>>
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