Female Master

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calm your concerns and ease your anticipation for a new chapter, in this list, there will only be completed yuri stories!
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i hope you enjoy xx
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No description.
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we need more femdom rn
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Definition of wife-chasing crematorium: the love interest or ML initially treats the FL or main character terribly. Later on they will regret their actions and must now pursue the FL/MC with all their heart & soul. However, the FL/MC may still despise/hate them and the love interest/ML will be filled with regret and pain for treating the FL/MC badly in the first place. Whether or not they win the love back remains to be seen.... more>>
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Are you tired of a sweet, soft MC? Do you ever want to turn the table on the ML? Then you're in the right place!... more>>
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Some of my favorite female protagonists.
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she don't start shit, but she can tell you how it ends. don't get sad, get even.
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i'm gonna give the gays everything they want
Alina Moktan
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Top Female lead and Bottom male lead. Dominated and possessive female mc dote on cute male lead. 
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1: usually he can say the wrong thing and many misundersandings but the male lead is actually quite soft on the inside and make you go awww... more>>
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When she is decisive or takes the initiative in the relationship sometimes making it seem like the gender roles are reversed ... more>>
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† Completed and ongoing KR/CN novels †... more>>
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Intellectual and strong-willed FL. The best novels with cool heroines and an exciting plot. I don't like fluff, so there is no sugary slice of... more>>