Charismatic Protagonist

14 Series 0 Comments 568 Views 3 Follows Jan 14, 2022 sakuraluck
good binge read novels where mc cruises along to achieve their goals and amazes everyone with their power/talent/charisma along the way. ... more>>
18 Series 2 Comments 2867 Views 10 Follows Dec 17, 2021 moonie12
These are the novels that make me excited to see what the mc will do next.... more>>
42 Series 1 Comments 11357 Views 43 Follows Nov 27, 2021 Yatorala
This is a list of read where the mc is a solo male lead that isnt easily swayed by romance or girls like those in japanese typical harem story. They got their priorities stright, and eyes on the price. ... more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 2465 Views 6 Follows Nov 11, 2021 twobada
Stories where the one or both of the protagonists are in show business; includes rebirth and transmigration themes.
Chan yibo-85
33 Series 2 Comments 10242 Views 40 Follows Sep 29, 2021 Chan yibo-85
No description.
100 Series 0 Comments 8967 Views 32 Follows Sep 11, 2021 lilysaresocool
These are some BL novels that I completed that i rated.
9 Series 0 Comments 241 Views 2 Follows Sep 5, 2021 LittleAndWeird
Platonic harem hahaha. That's it.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 343 Views 0 Follows Sep 5, 2021 LittleAndWeird
Here you will find some books that suit my taste. You can take a look at it. Maybe we have the same taste. 
3 Series 0 Comments 1299 Views 1 Follows Sep 2, 2021 AngelDono
Time to gayify them in my imagination, bromance to the extreme 
Sue Shie
16 Series 0 Comments 2591 Views 7 Follows Aug 20, 2021 Sue Shie
here's a list of the novels that kept me awake as i bawled my eyes out early in the morning, not minding the fact that... more>>
Sue Shie
38 Series 0 Comments 12837 Views 45 Follows Aug 15, 2021 Sue Shie
as a rotten girl, i seldom read straight novels unless it has nice plot. by nice, i meant either a fluffy storyline or an angsty... more>>
63 Series 0 Comments 5186 Views 25 Follows Aug 3, 2021 BanniNotBunny
Refreshing; smart; interesting MCs.
55 Series 0 Comments 1743 Views 5 Follows Jul 30, 2021 Hooniechan_
This is all shounen novels, whether middle-aged or modern time! \(・◡・)/ Also a lot of transmigration, rebirth, or maybe the mc is just a real... more>>
25 Series 5 Comments 11371 Views 42 Follows Jun 28, 2021 NovelSchemer
Mixture of female and male protagonists. These novels are really good in my point of view. Some of the novels here are new but I... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 1412 Views 0 Follows Jun 20, 2021 MichealArmonda
Hello there everyone . the light novels presented in this list are by no means perfect, each one of them has its flaws and i... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 7634 Views 8 Follows Mar 24, 2021 MrFurry
Also avoiding normal CN/KR cliches such as:... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 1787 Views 2 Follows Mar 23, 2021 Nah
This is a collected novels that amaze deeply in my journey a a reader. My wish is that, no one miss these wonderful novels.
63 Series 0 Comments 3040 Views 28 Follows Mar 14, 2021 secondthots
(Updated: 1/9/22) Novels that I'm eagerly waiting to feast on! BL only (for now hehe). Feel free to glance through & share your two-cents if you've... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 2154 Views 7 Follows Mar 1, 2021 bysaiki
My favorite novels or novels that I've finished reading.
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