Loner Protagonist

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I am searching for novels. Where mc is Cold, Ruthless, Rational, Pragmatic, Evil- if possible.No Romance, No s*upid MC or SIMP [ a big NO NO ]. No need to help others [ why help? ]. He need to be like human being, greedy selfish and so on [ maybe i just wanna see negative emotions or just people with ambitions as they are compared like that mostly ]. I don't wanna read some romance or lover or harem or anything related story. I want it to be fight, schemes,betrayal, a novel where you can see mc is really smart and is using his brain.... more>>
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instagram- @techmanOP  if u want to see manga edit top notch
Mr gentleman
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I hate harem. Why? Because most of the time it leads the story to a direction that's not pleasing. And most of all I don't... more>>
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 Be basked in the world of your delusions! Japanese romantic comedy novels to read that will never happen to you in real life...... more>>
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Just a list of SoL romcoms when you are having a hard time searching. 
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romcom without harem or love triangle. will add another novel slowly cause hard to search pure romance novel... more>>
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(There's a second list, just add a 2 to the name of this list and you'll find it) ... more>>
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Be basked in the world of your delusions! Japanese romantic comedy novels to read that will never happen to you in real life...... more>>
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A protagonist who was exiled/abandoned/ran away and is happier for it.
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Characters who have self-serving personalities or tendencies, and may or may not show it in interactions, actions, emotions, intent, and thoughts. Or just that the character has a willingness to do things that aren't compatible with our modern and diverse views regarding morals, ethics, principles, and ideals of good. Of course these books have different tones and also handling of this subject.... more>>
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Loner mc, pragmatic and deserve the word "smart", with plot that's readable. ... more>>
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Read at your own risk.. you might not be able to get it off your mind and start feeling empty once you've finished the translated... more>>
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When the protagonist is an unfaithful loser, do you have the urge to transmigrate into the novel to give him a good beating? If so, I present to you a list of novels I enjoyed with an overpowered male protagonist and no harem. Featuring:... more>>
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Novels about MC's who only care about themselves. To them, everyone else is a side character who they don't care if they live or die. ... more>>
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Although i m not the person who has read all the novels i most certainly consider my self as one the crazy novel readers.... more>>
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The order isn't necessarily about the quality of the novel or the writing on itself, but rather my personal enjoyment so bear with me.Mostly Isekai/fantasy,... more>>
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Common POints-MC with : [ Or ] < System > < Unique Power > < Cold and Calm Character > < Rebirth > < Apocalypse > < Comedy > < Fan-fiction > < Solo > < Cheat > < Killer >.... more>>