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BL KR novels Page Turners (once you start you cant stop reading) —[in no particular orders 
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I love love LOVE the part where ML regret what they've done to MC or just realize their true feelings for MC and start to chase MC like their life depends on  it. The redemption/chasing arc is just *chefkiss*... more>>
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No description.
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These are the reads that personally annoyed me to some extent, when I thought the characters are well developed but oh well. Or have some... more>>
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Any books about yandere male leads wanting to lick that honey cave with somehow plot (am not sure).... more>>
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basically yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere..yandere.... more>>
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Makes sure to look behind you! This steamy reading list is full of Yaoi with many smut scene's!! HEHE ENJOY~~... more>>