Child Abuse

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This list is about MLs who under gone deep traumas that makes them feel undeserving of FLs. And this is about FLs who will do... more>>
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There are some with angst. You know I rarely read BG cause I'd rather the FMC be by herself instead of with a man so... more>>
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Lost children found back by their families. Does not include switched at birth there's a separate list for that.... more>>
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Just some novels that had a little cuties, babies, children, & child mc.... more>>
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[HAPPY 9K VIEWS!] Just some novels that had a little cuties, babies, children, & child mc.... more>>
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Hello!!!... more>>
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Gosto de ler livros sobre puericultura, então fiz uma lista específica para crianças protagonistas. Divirta-se ~~
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Stories with heavy focus on trauma and healing. These are in no specific order, but I like them all.
Baby yoda_002
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My favourite yander novels ... more>>
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A place to vent out your anger on tr*sh characters :D Either that be because the author seriously doesn't know how to write or the angst is through the roof. A russian roulette if you will.  ... more>>
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If you're looking for something that will make you cry. Here it is. I don't discriminate novels, so there's both bl and straight romance. 
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Novels that made me sweat my eyes and rampaging my house for tissues ....
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These are very meaningful stories to let me understand that everyone have different tolerance and circumstances. I want to remember the awareness these novels gave me.... more>>
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Angst, sad, depressing, tear jerking, heartbreaking, read in the middle of the night with a box of tissues next to you novels. (asterisk if i... more>>
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When pampering adorable kids is FL's sole life mission ❤️... more>>